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DAILY SCOPE: Around 100 Terrorists Arrested in Saudi Arabia

DAILY SCOPE: Around 100 Terrorists Arrested in Saudi Arabia
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DAILY SCOPE: Around 100 Terrorists Arrested in Saudi Arabia

Lebanese papers on Wednesday shed light on the different files, domestic and international. Making the headlines was the new arrests of terrorist extremists made by the Lebanese army, the presidential ongoing impasse, and the security plan applied on Beirut's southern Suburb. Also, the Saudi crackdown on terrorists who plan to execute acts of extremism inside the country was in the spot light, not to mention the nuclear file and other developments in the region.

Extremists Arrested in Sidon, South Lebanon --- AS-SAFIR

As-Safir newspaper said on Wednesday that the Lebanese army detained supporters of the fugitive extremist Ahmad al-Asir, in a raid carried out by the troops in Abra, the Southern part of Sidon.

Later on Tuesday, the army intelligence arrested another of Asir's supporters, who is said to be a security official among the cleric's backers, reported sources.
Moreover, security sources told As-Safir that the army procedures on Tuesday were initiated after intelligence information on sleeping terrorist cells of Al-Asir followers that were about to carry out terrorist acts against the Lebanese army and some infrastructure in the region. The sources also told the paper that the

Lebanese army is taking pre-emptive measures to dismantle all these groups and prevent any communication between them and the other cells in Tripoli and Akkar.

Saudi Arabia Arrests around 100 Extremists ---- AN-NAHAR

Saudi security services had proof that led to the "early uncovering of terrorist activities in several parts of the kingdom by members of the deviant group", a term the authorities use to refer to terrorist extremists, the ministry statement said.

Saudi Arabia has arrested 93 extremists, including a woman, as well as a terrorist cell that was planning to carry out attacks against the US embassy in Ryadh with a booby-trapped car.
An-Nahar also said that 77 out of the 93 are Saudi citizens who have oined the so-called Islamic State, in a group under the name ‘soldiers of the two holy mosques'. Saudi interior ministry reported that the group has been practicing explosions in a desert near the Quseim North of Riyadh, as well as training on using different weapons to start their acts of terror.

According to the source, among the targets of the group is to hit security centers, residency compounds, and assassinating military officials.

The terrorists are also accused of "recruiting young people", "spreading the terrorist ideology" of IS, sheltering wanted individuals, training recruits and "coordinating travel to conflict zones." Fighters from Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Morocco make up the majority of about 12,000 foreign extremists who have traveled to Syria and Iraq, according to the London-based International Center for the Study of Radicalization.

Saudi War on Yemen Complete Failure --- AL-BINAA

Al-Binaa newspaper published an analysis on Saudi Arabia's ongoing assault on Yemen saying that "the Saudi aggression on Yemen is ongoing despite declaring the end of the ‘decisive storm' op. which was unable to achieve any of Saudi Arabia's alleged goals."

The article says the changes in the region are not driven by a Saudi triumph, but rather a security coordination between Saudis and "Israelis", or maybe through launching the al-Qaeda movement in Yemen, or through the US magical wand!"
"The only fruits of the Decisive storm were the killing of innocent civilians, the destruction of infrastructure, and depriving the people of the most basic needs of living including food."

Baltimore Drowns in Brutality --- The TRIBUNAL 

Clashes erupted between police officers and hundreds of protesters in the US city of Baltimore following days of demonstrations against police brutality in the country. Police fired smoke bombs and tear gas to disperse the protesters who defied a curfew that took effect across the city late Tuesday, said the Tribunal.

The city is in turmoil after an African-American was killed of injuries suffered from police officers. Freddie Gray, 25, was killed on April 19 and his funeral was held on Monday. The black man died one week after his spinal injury during arrest. The unrest in Baltimore comes after American authorities ignored protests against police brutality in several cases during the past year.

Many protests were held across the US over the police killings of African-American men, including 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri; Eric Garner in New York; and Walter Scott in North Charleston, South Carolina.
Baltimore City Council Member Brandon Scott said the violence was fueled by "a long, long, longstanding issue with young African-Americans."
"We're talking about years and decades of mistrust, of misfortune, of despair that it's just coming out in anger," Scott said.

Source: al-Ahed news