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US, EU Warn ’Israel’ of New Settling Units

US, EU Warn ’Israel’ of New Settling Units
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The US and EU have advised "Israel" to drop its plans to construct an additional 450 settlement units in the West Bank, warning that failure to do so would further destabilize the situation in the region and diminish the prospects for talks with the Palestinian Authority.

US, EU Warn ’Israel’ of New Settling Units
On Friday, "Israel" announced tenders to build new settlements on the occupied Palestinian territories in a move that was deemed illegal under international law.

According to the report, the announced projects include 156 units in Elkana, 114 homes in Geva Binyamin, 102 in Kiryat Araba, and 78 in Alfei Menashe. Some of those tenders are being reissued, however, since contractors refused to take many of the projects in the past.

The European Union issued in a statement that "Israel" would become "an obstacle to peace" if it proceeded with the construction; hence, it would further "undermine the viability of the two-state solution."

The Europeans are against the expansion of the Zionist settlements, they advised "Israel" to reverse its decision commenting that by its refusal to do so, "Israel" would be facing the risk of "inflaming the very tense situation on the ground."
Meanwhile, Washington - "Israel's" closest ally - had also voiced concern, warning that it would undermine security. "The move would not improve "Israel's" security, but would have the opposite effect," White House spokesman Josh Earnest said.

Earnest commented, "I can tell you that issuing tenders like this does nothing to bolster "Israel's" security, does not increase its prosperity, and it does not further the cause for peace. In fact it does precisely the opposite".

He added that the US believed that "Israeli" settlement activity was "illegitimate and counterproductive" to achieving the so-called "two-state" solution.
The construction of new units, the spokesman warned, would have "detrimental impacts on the ground," inflaming tensions with the Palestinians, and will "further isolate the "Israelis" internationally".

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team