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Islamic Resistance Statement-1-

Islamic Resistance Statement-1-
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Local Editor

In The Name of God, The Merciful

At 11:25 am this morning, the Noble Martyrs of Quneitra group in the Islamic Resistance targeted an "Israeli" military convoy in the occupied Shebaa Farms.
Islamic Resistance Statement-1-

The convoy, which included a number of Zionist vehicles, officers and soldiers, was targeted by appropriate missiles, and weapons which led to the destruction of a number vehicles.

The operation left several soldiers killed and wounded.

Victory Comes Only from God, the Mighty

The Islamic Resistance


person Meg

Alhamdu illah

Long live moqawama, long live Sayyed Hassan and his forces.

person Zaim Raza

God bless you Hizbollah.

We Muslim are proud on you. long live Hizbullah. you are our heroes.