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Ten Days of Dawn

6 Hizbullah Resistance Men Martyred in an ’Israeli’ Enemy’s Raid in Syria

6 Hizbullah Resistance Men Martyred in an ’Israeli’ Enemy’s Raid in Syria
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Local Editor

Upon the martyrdom of a number of Hizbullah Resistance men due to "Israeli" helicopters' shelling in Quneitra[Syria], Hizbullah issued the following statement:

As a group of Hizbullah Resistance men were performing a field inspection to al-Amal farm in the Syrian Quneitra , they came under rocket fire from the "Israeli" enemy helicopters.

This led to the martyrdom of a number of Mujahideen brothers, whose names will be later announced after informing their noble families.

6 Hizbullah Resistance Men Martyred in an ’Israeli’ Enemy’s Raid in Syria

Later, Hizbullah issued another statement in which it announced the martyrdom of six of its Mujahideen. The statement reads as follows:

In The Name of God the Merciful

"And reckon not those who are killed in Allah´s way as dead; nay, they are alive (and) are provided sustenance from their Lord."

With faith, patience and pride, the Islamic resistance in Lebanon announces to its loyal people and proud nation the martyrdom each of the following martyrs:

1-Martyr leader Mohamed Ahmed Issa, "Abu Issa"
Born: Arabsalim 1972 / Married / 4 children

2- Martyr Jihad Imad Mughniyeh "Jawad"
Born: Tirdba 1989 / celibate

3- Martyr Abbas Ibrahim Hijazi, "Sayyed Abbas"
Born: al-Ghazieh 1979 / Married / 4 children

4- Martyr Muhammad Ali Hassan Abu Hassan "Kazim"
Born: Ain Qana 1985 / celibate

5-Martyr Ghazi Ali Dhaoui "Daniel"
Born: al-Khiem 1988 / Married / one child

6- Martyr Ali Hassan Ibrahim "Ihab"
Born: Yohmor -Beaufort 1993 / celibate

Compassion, Blessings and High Ranks

Source: Hizbullah Media Relations, Translated and Edited by website team


person JB

Come next war...

""Israel, Come next war, your country will be rubble. There will be no safe place to hide...not even underground. For every 1 Hezbollah soldier, there are 25 "IDF" soldiers. You will be pushed into the Mediterranean Sea, Gulf of Aqaba, and Red Sea.

person Nasiru Hassan


ASSALAMU ALAL HUSAIN WA ALA ALIYU BIN HUSAIN WA ALA AULADIL HUSAIN WA ALA AS‘HABIL HUSAIN. May Allah the Almighty accept those (Hezbollah) that have been killed as his beloved martyrs.