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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Speech on the Opening Day of Mleeta Tourist Landmark

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Speech on the Opening Day of Mleeta Tourist Landmark
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Sayyed Nasrallah's Speech on the Opening Day of Mleeta Tourist Landmark: We're absolutely committed to promoting "the Loyalty and Development Bloc," Nations maintaining historic records get inspired and proud

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Speech on the Opening Day of Mleeta Tourist Landmark

Hizbullah Secretary General, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah iterated that the electoral alliance of Hizbullah and the Amal Movement were part of their strategic alliance; also, that Hizbullah and the Amal Movement were influential enough in Lebanon. His Eminence as well said it was necessary that commitment be made to promote "the Loyalty and Development Bloc."
Sayyed Nasrallah as well called for keeping comprehensive records of the resistance history; however, he pointed out it was difficult to do that due to certain complexes.

As a huge mass of politicians, parliamentarians, militants, and party figures attended the ceremony, His Eminence said:

"We decided to hold this ceremony on May 21st because this date is quite significant to us. After hard efforts have finished the first stage of this landmark, we chose this opening day in particular, to remind all that on 21 May 2000, at exactly 10:00 a.m., the citizens of the towns of al-Qantara and al-Ghandourieh were gathered at the Husainiyah (religious ceremonies center) of al-Ghandourieh Town to commemorate a deceased female resident. That day, they made their first decisive step: They were going to break into the "Israeli" crossing point, destroy all other "Israeli" checkpoints, and return to their villages. So, it happened on May 21st until May 25th, when we defeated our enemy.

Clearly enough, the history of any people or country is a main part of identity. As history gathers all past incidents, it influences the current and future conduct of any nation. That's why nations do all they can to maintain historic records, getting inspired and proud of them. They can even get stronger and show what they've endured.

Today, we offer a modest step in comparison with the history of our country, people, and resistance, as well as the huge sacrifices made and the historic victories achieved. By this, we wish to maintain and enliven our history and offer a bright picture of it.

We named our landmark, "Mleeta," after this town. As we had eagerly discussed the idea of establishing a museum with martyr, Haj Imad Moghnieh, we realized we had the choice to establish it in Beirut or in the South, which represents the land of resistance. That way, it would be closer to a natural museum than a simulated one. And, it was Haj Imad Moghnieh's idea to shape the landmark as you see it now.

But, this does not mean we do not intend to build a museum in Beirut. In fact, we chose Mleeta because this land is one of the oldest Islamic Resistance sites in Iqlim at-Toffah. Here, the fighters would confront the Lahd and "Israeli" military sites, which were greatly fortified with advanced artilleries and tanks and protected by "Israeli" aircraft.

It is one of our prime responsibilities to maintain the resistance history. Due to sectarian and regional complexes, Lebanon's history is quite difficult to record. Resistance movements were originally launched in Lebanon in 1948- not only in 1978 or 1982, when the Zionists occupied Palestine and established the Zionist entity.

In this long history of aggressions, occupation, and threats, there was resistance, steadfastness, and challenge expressed by the Lebanese Army, civilians, and security forces on the frontlines of towns in the beginning. Afterwards, the resistance developed into the faction of the Palestinian resistance squadrons, then of the Lebanese resistance squadrons. At that time, His Eminence Sayyed Moussa as-Sadr announced the formation of "the Lebanese Resistance Squadrons" that did their job until a new resistance was born. Hizbullah's Islamic Resistance inherited that history of accomplishments and sacrifices, becoming a major part of the resistance movements.

So, let's keep comprehensive records of the resistance history. So far, what's been accomplished is the result of the efforts of certain people or parties. Some investigations and books have been written on the resistance and its leaders. But, we need more efforts to record the resistance history honestly, whether we're ashamed of certain incidents or proud of them- for recording history requires that all facts be written down. That way, the challenges present and great scarifies made could be realized."

His Eminence went on: "Usually, I do not address the very details of municipality elections, but I make a quick approach. However, the media releases made on the elections of the South force me to make this brief comment.

We all realize the nature of municipality elections and the competition present; families, political movements and parties are there. Sometimes, things turn into the struggle of certain individuals or sects, and that struggle might last for years. Anyway, we expressed our opinion as to the timing of the municipality elections, and that was determined.

Now that it is time for the elections, we believe that it is our prime responsibility to maintain the resistance community on all Lebanese territories. That's why we called on all to reach agreements, and we've proved what we had called for. We signed a detailed agreement with the Amal Movement on municipality elections, though it was hard for both of our leaderships; they realized these would be different from parliamentary elections, when we'd agree on 5 or 6 electoral seats.
As the case is, as complicated as this, we agreed to maintain the best range of family representation and alliances with all opposition parties. The first and the second stages have been accomplished, and now it's time for the third. Recently, some columnists, including some of our allies, have written inappropriate articles about Hizbullah and the Amal Movement. Back in 2004, when we had different viewpoints and rivaling blocs were formed in most of the towns, the media spread much gossip. Even our current agreement is being described as "non-democratic" or "biased." And, in case we do nothing, it'll be said we "have not given a hand" to our people to resolve their conflict!

Allow me to repeat what a brother said a few days ago: "Dear people of the South and Lebanon, the best present that Hizbullah and the Amal Movement can offer to people in time for municipality elections is agreement."

Unfortunately, certain customs that have nothing to do with religion, ethics, or law are followed in municipality elections. But, I won't address them now because we might end up losing the elections if I do! [His Eminence makes a joke] We are strongly committed to promoting "the Loyalty and Development Bloc" in the South; we believe this is a part of the strategic alliance that is protecting and fortifying the resistance community.

With respect to us, we have nothing to hide. I bear witness that the leaderships and senior officials of Hizbullah and the Amal Movement have honestly and responsibly fulfilled the agreement. Anyway, we might face some difficulties when it comes to certain communities in some towns, but they're very few in comparison with the number of the other towns. Elections have already been held in a big number of towns, and blocs have been formed and declared in many others.

I call on you to make more recommendations as to municipality electoral blocs. I do ask Hizbullah's community to be fully committed to "the Loyalty and Development Bloc." By the way, this is not a legitimate duty; we don't make such requests when it comes to elections. We are a party that fulfills its promises, agreements, and pledges. All personal interests must be overcome, for there will be great political value if the blocs make it to the top.

As to the candidates, no one can claim that he belongs to Hizbullah or that Hizbullah supports him if he does not belong to these blocs. If anyone does, it means he's lying. I even ask any Hizbullah members or claimed supporters who do not belong to these blocs to quit their candidacy for the elections and help promote the blocs instead."

His Eminence finally called on the people of Saida to "take it easy and let the southerners compete openly. When it's time for ballot vote, vote and party!
By the way, we're not having an opinion poll because to us, the parliamentary elections represented one. Hizbullah and the Amal Movement do not need to conduct an opinion poll because they are politically, nationally, and regionally influential. There will be different views on both sides of the Lebanon-occupied Palestine borders... The southerners will party after they vote; whereas millions of "Israelis" will hide in shelters and make an emergency plan to protect themselves from the Resistance.

On Sunday, be afraid of none! Remember the liberation, and turn the ballot vote into a party! As Mleeta is of one of the sites of great significance to the Resistance, trust that the Resistance is still there to protect the entire land of Jabal Amel.

By the way, what's up with all visits of US, European, Arab, and other foreign officials to Lebanon?! What's going on around here?! [Sayyed Nasrallah makes another joke.]

I won't answer now. See you on "Liberation and Resistance Day" on May 25th!"
Source: Al-Ahed News