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Ramadan 2021


Bahraini Regime Attacks Ashoura Rituals

Bahraini Regime Attacks Ashoura Rituals
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Local Editor

The Bahraini al-Wefaq opposition accused the regime of tightening against citizens' religious freedoms and practice of religious rituals, as it has conducted a series of attacks on displays of Ashoura in some areas around the country.

Bahraini Regime Attacks Ashoura RitualsIt further clarified that the forces' attacks on religious freedoms reveal the mentality of the forces, and that such acts can only be perpetrated under high-ranked orders."The regime forces attack and provoke citizens rather than protect them," al-Wefaq said.

Regarding threats by officials against religious freedoms, al-Wefaq stressed that suppression of religious freedoms to practice religious rituals is a dangerous attack that the regime solely bears responsibility of.

"Ashoura is held in most countries around the world, even non-Islamic countries. The event yearly takes place in Europe, America, Africa, Australia and the Asian countries, yet, has not been attacked anywhere around the globe except Bahrain, where the regime disrespects and targets religious freedoms," it said.

Meanwhile, the party affirmed that religious freedoms in Bahrain are not subject to political use or bargaining, as the different sects of the Bahraini people have long respected these rituals and lived in harmony. "The only one who appears not able to live with this is the regime that continuously attacks these rituals," it added.

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