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Al-Assir Ends Sit-in, EDL, Wages To Be Resolved, Mikati Relieved

Al-Assir Ends Sit-in, EDL, Wages To Be Resolved, Mikati Relieved
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Zeinab Essa

It seems that the Lebanese Army [LA] Day, on the first of August, carried positive signs on more than one level. During the past few hours, divergences emerged in the internal situation:
Al-Assir ended his Sidon sit-in.

Meanwhile, penetrations were recorded in the wall of Public ranks and pay scales, which is supposed to pave the way for teachers' resumption of correction to examinations.

Moreover, final touches are being set to finalize the draft agreement of Electricite du Liban contact workers.

Sayyed Nasrallah: We Confront US-"Israeli" Plan For Disarming Resistance

Amid all this, the Secretary General of Hizbullah His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah highlighted that "following the 2000 liberation, the sole US-"Israeli" demand was the disarmament of Hizbullah, a demand that some political parties adopted as its own goal as well."
Al-Assir Ends Sit-in, EDL, Wages To Be Resolved, Mikati Relieved
"We, therefore, confronted a new political and media battle in face of a US-"Israeli" demand to disarm Hizbullah," Sayyed Nasrallah stressed.
On the national dialogue front, His Eminence renewed call for "a defense strategy that would combine a strong army and a strong resistance."
"We are not seeking the boycott of national dialogue, and we do not wish to undermine it. However, we reject the other side using the issue of their participation as blackmail," Sayyed Nasrallah explained, reassuring that Hizbullah will not boycott the dialogue table if it is convened again.

He further clarified that "those who ask for handing over the Hizbullah weapons to the army want the Resistance and the army to be destroyed, especially that the army is an organized army and would not be able to preserve the weapons in case of an "Israeli" attack."

"We call for a liberation strategy and for discussing it at the dialogue table," Sayyed Nasrallah said, iterating "If the state does not want a liberation strategy it means that the citizens could choose to be in charge of liberation themselves, since the state would not be bearing its responsibilities."

Al-Assir Ends Failing Sit-in

Back to al-Assir sit-in, the man announced Wednesday the end of a sit-in that lasted for more than a month in the so-called "protest of the resistance's arms."

After a meeting with Interior minister Marwan Charbel, al-Assir claimed that "the end of his move comes after he sensed that arms talks would be serious."
Al-Assir Ends Sit-in, EDL, Wages To Be Resolved, Mikati Relieved
In this context, "as-Safir" Lebanese newspaper unveiled Thursday that some "Islamist factions, in Ain al-Hilwe Palestinian refugee camp, contributed to the efforts for ending al-Assir's Sidon sit-in.

According to the daily, the Palestinian groups coordinated with both minister Charbel and the LA's intelligence.
"The head of the Islamic Jihad movement in Ain al-Hilweh, Shiekh Jamal Khattab, accompanied Abu Sharif Akl from al-Ansar group, visited al-Assir's sit-in and held meeting with him in his tent four days ago."
"Khattab reached an agreement with al-Assir comprised of five items that were later handed to Prime Minister Najib Mikati and minister Charbel via the Palestinian businessman Imad al-Assadi," the paper added.
It also noted that " the items were: "the serious discussion of national defense strategy, guarantees that he would not be pursued by the judicial authority after ending the sit-in, the freedom of any move under law, working on the release of detainees who have not been tried since more than five years, the protection of Bilal bin Rabah Mosque, and not to make any arbitrary arrests."

For his part, minister Charbel ruled to the same daily that "he did not negotiate al-Assir over guarantees for ending his sit-in."
"The controversial issue of the national defense strategy was seriously present as on the national dialogue's agenda," the minister said and pointed out that "no private conditions and guarantees were discussed with al-Assir."

Crises To Solution, Mikati Relieved

On another level, Lebanese dailies that improvements emerged on both the EDL and pay scales issue.
According to information, "the EDL contract workers' crisis has been settled as the concerned parties are drafting the final agreement."
Similarly, the ministerial committee tasked with studying the new wages scale for the public sector was able to settle the demands of teachers who are expected to announce the resumption of correcting the official exams Thursday.
Commenting on the issue, PM Mikati expressed relief for resolving the issues.
In an interview with "an-Nahar" daily, Mikati stated that " to face the recent crises , he had, as a PM, to choose between resolving them by using force or calmly."
"We succeeded in avoiding confrontation and removing the obstacles one by one," Mikati stressed and noted that "other impediments will definitely appear."

However, Mikati pledged to resolve each crisis with composure.
Asked about the cabinet session scheduled to convene on Thursday at the Grand Serail, the PM said that it will tackle 57 articles.
He denied that the session will address the appointment of top civil servants in state posts or any other controversial issues from outside the agenda.

Berri: They Want to Divide Lebanon

For his part, House Speaker Nabih Berri confirmed the recent reports about a plan to assassinate him. However, he added that similar plan targeted Head of LA General jean Qahwaji.
Al-Assir Ends Sit-in, EDL, Wages To Be Resolved, Mikati Relieved
In remarks to "al-Akhbar" daily, Berri said: "This man who wants to kill might have a fake name but he is certainly someone wants to throw a burning matchstick on a flammable ground."
He feather cautioned that "there is an international project or map prepared in advance to divide Syria."

"This might explain the backgrounds of what's happening in Syria and Lebanon, and in more than one place," the Speaker said.
Moreover, Berri revealed that "a European president advised various Lebanese political parties not to object the division of Lebanon into a Switzerland-like federation."
 Berri stressed that "fifteen days ago, the mentioned President stated that "Lebanon is moving to a Swiss federation"."

"All political parties should be wise and not must not object such a plan because refusing it would shake Lebanon's stability," the speaker quoted him as saying.
"The head of the EU state," Berri said, "added that "the fire is spreading rapidly and it would be wise to douse it in its cradle."

Source: Lebanese dailies, Translated and Edited by