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Al-Assad: Nations Sowing Chaos in Syria will Suffer, Syrians Not Afraid of Threats

Al-Assad: Nations Sowing Chaos in Syria will Suffer, Syrians Not Afraid of Threats
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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Wednesday that countries trying to "sow chaos" in Syria could be infected with it themselves, an apparent warning to Arab Gulf nations that back the Syrian armed groups.

In an interview with Russia's Rossiya-24 TV channel, al-Assad said countries hostile to him and his government that may have believed he would follow the footsteps of four Arab leaders ousted after popular protests now knew better.
"For the leaders of these countries, it's becoming clear that this is not Spring but chaos, and as I have said, if you sow chaos in Syria you may be infected by it yourself, and they understand this perfectly well," he said.
On the bombings that his country is witnessing, the Syrian President said: "We have an acute problem with terrorism...Terrorists don't care about reform, they are not fighting for reform."

Al-Assad also mentioned extremists and al-Qaida members from abroad. "There are foreign mercenaries, some of them still alive," he told Rossiya-24 TV. "They are being detained and we are preparing to show them to the world."
"The Syrian people are not scared of the threats of terrorists who have tried to wreck the elections or even prevent us from holding them," he added.
In his first interview in many months, al-Assad stressed that "the Syrian opposition had shown itself to be insignificant by calling for a boycott of the recent parliamentary elections.

"How can you boycott the people of whom you consider yourself the representative?" the president asked. "I don't think that they have any kind of weight or significance within Syria."

He further stated that "the polling stations reflect the opinions of the people."
"The results show that the Syrian people support the course toward the reforms which were announced about a year ago," al-Assad viewed.
Moreover, the Syrian President hailed the recent elections as a "very important step and part of the reform that we started around a year ago."

"The polling stations show the opinion of the people. It is a serious message for everyone both inside the country and also beyond its borders," he confirmed.
In the same interview, al- Assad said that Western sanctions were affecting his country, but that Syria still had a "wonderful relationship with non-Western countries."

"We can find alternatives that let us overcome these difficulties. Europe and the United States don't make up the entire world," he clarified.
The Syrian President also lashed out at France.

"The question is what France has gained in recent years from its positions on Syria, Libya and other countries," he said when asked whether he expected a shift in policy under France's new president, Francois Hollande.
"I hope the new president will think about the interests of France. I am certain that they do not lie in further inciting chaos and crisis in the Middle East and the whole Arab world."

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