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Hizbullah Denounces ’’Israeli’’ Assassination of Sheikh Zuhair al-Qaisi

Hizbullah Denounces ’’Israeli’’ Assassination of Sheikh Zuhair al-Qaisi
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Local Editor

Hizbullah Condemned the Zionist coward assassination of the Palestinian Popular Resistance Factions Secretary General, Sheikh Zuhair al-Qaisi (known as Abu Ibrahim), issuing the following statement:

The hands of Zionist crime have once again extended to kill one of the resistance figures of Palestine, by that writing another chapter in the book of Zionist terrorism.
Hizbullah Denounces ’’Israeli’’ Assassination of Sheikh Zuhair al-Qaisi This new crime is a reminder to the criminal nature originated in the mentality of this [Zionist] entity's leaders, soldiers, which knows no limits or boundaries.
The assassination of Sheikh Zuhair al-Qaisi (Abu Ibrahim) and his assistant the liberated detainee Ahmad Hanni, came in light of Arab absence, as they have been too busy to follow on the Zionist terrorism and were engaged in their internal affairs.
This assassination also came at a time when some Arabs have drifted into the American-"Israeli" project which aims at creating new enemies to the Arab people, and overlooking the danger of the Zionist belligerence on our nation, its future and people, especially on the Palestinian cause.

Hence, Hizbullah condemns this terrorist Zionist crime, and the raids that followed on the Gaza strip, which caused the martyrdom of several other Palestinians, especially figures and fighters of the Islamic Jihad movement.
Hizbullah also calls on the Arab people to direct its compass and unite all its efforts in order to liberate Palestine, all of Palestine from the growing Zionist terrorism, which has absolute backing from the United States and the West.

Source: Hizbullah Media Relations, translated by