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Ahmadinejad Warns against US-“Israeli” Attack on Iran, Says “Israel’s” End Inevitable

Ahmadinejad Warns against US-“Israeli” Attack on Iran, Says “Israel’s” End Inevitable
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Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad assured that the United States fears Iran's developed capabilities, as it is able to compete with the Zionist entity and the West.

Ahmadinejad, in an interview with Egypt's state-owned Al-Akhbar newspaper published on Monday, said that the US fabrications on an Iranian attempt to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington aims at accomplishing US interests.

"Iran and its people are farthest from thinking about committing such criminal acts, but America keeps sowing schemes against the Islamic Republic," Ahmadinejad said.

He warned that the US is an enemy state to Iran, Saudi Arabia, and all other nations, as they have been practicing terrorism worldwide to realize its aims.
Furthermore, the Iranian President highlighted that "the U.S. fears any friendship between us and Saudi Arabia and therefore incites disagreements," adding "to stop the U.S. in its tracks we must deepen the elements of friendship... We are ready for this and the relation between Saudi and Iran already exists and has not been cut off."

On the possibility of direct talks between Iranian and Saudi officials to resolve any pending issues, Ahmadinejad said "We are ready to hold talks especially that communication is already present between the two countries, and God willing the US cannot do anything about that."

Moving on to the US threats on a military attack against Iran, Ahmadinejad underscored that the United States and "Israel" seek world support for a military strike on Iran and warned against such attacks on his country.
He reminded that this is not a new statement, "We have been hearing such threats since the time (US President George) Bush was in office, but where is Bush now?" he questioned.

Also, Ahmadinejad lashed out at "Israel" after its president, Shimon Peres, warned at the weekend that an attack on Iran is increasing.
"Iran's capabilities are increasing and it is progressing, and for that reason it has been able to compete in the world. Now "Israel" and the West, particularly America, fear Iran's capabilities and role," he reiterated.

"Therefore they are trying to gather international support for a military operation to stop (Iran's) role. The arrogant should know that Iran will not allow them to take any action against it," he added.

Ahmadinejad, repeated that the Islamic state is not seeking nuclear weapons and that its atomic program is for peaceful purposes only, adding that Washington wanted to "save the Zionist entity, but it will not be able to do so."

Iran's President also highlighted that "Israel" is the entity that possesses more than 300 nuclear warheads, which constitutes a threat to the entire being.
"This entity (Israel) can be compared to a liver transplanted in a body that rejected it," he said. "Yes it will collapse and its end will be near."
On another note, Ahmadinejad said that Syria faces a Zio-American conspiracy which aims at targeting the country, especially that Syria has become a very strong front for resistance. He said that Iran encourages the Syrian opposition and government to hold talks and launch dialogue to resolve their issues, in light of the new reforms the Syrian regime has adopted.

Concerning the US current attempts to cause a rift between the parties of the rejectionism axis including Iran, Syria, Hizbullah and Hamas, Ahmadinejad iterated that the US aims at protecting its first ally "Israel", but he assured it will not do so and that "Israel" is bound to collapse. He assured that if a poll was conducted on the different nations' opinion on the presence of the "Israeli" entity in the region, there will be consensus on favoring a Middles East free of "Israel".
Asked about the situation in Iraq, Ahmadinejad assured that the US withdrawal is a victory to the Iraqi people, which in its turn will lead to another victory for the peoples of the region in face of the Zionist and US hatred.

Finally, on Iran's relations with Egypt, Ahmadinejad said that the two countries are neighbors that share a mutual culture and civilization, and both countries form a front of humanity and justice that aims at confronting oppression.


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