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Bride’s Freedom, Princess of Dreams

Bride’s Freedom, Princess of Dreams
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Zeinab Essa

She is the Bride's Freedom and Princess of dreams, And from Palestine a white rose that smelled the soil's odor and the fragrance of heaven.

She's from al-Aqsa the Pride of Glory, religion's vow, and peace of the soul.

The dream of the land she was, and the resistance promise she is, and in al-Quds a story of eternal love that was neither broken by the darkness of the constraint nor the whips of the harsh jailer.

She is Palestine's daughter and symbol of ultimate dignity.

She is Ahlam Tamimi, the girl that terrified the enemy in her resistance operations, in her assumed 1584 years of prison, and in her proud smile of freedom.

Hours of Liberation, Pages of Resistance

Picking up words to describe what is mingling with in her soul, recently liberated Ahalm Tamimi describes the few hours of freedom: "I embrace all of the parents with my eyes, heart, and hands. I embrace the sky, the air, I am happy to an extent that can't be described by words."

In an interview with, Tamimi thanks God for her freedom as she remembers her dead mother.

"I want to take from my family more and more as I was deprived from their love and affection for more than 10 years," says the Ramallah District Palestinian girl.

Bride’s Freedom, Princess of Dreams
Back 10 years of her memory, the strong Tamimi points to some cornerstones that made the journalism student shift from writing the news to being part of making it through participating in several resistance operation against the Zionist entity.

"Our Holy Islam ordered us to resist the aggressor and to grant soul, money, and what we own for this sake. As the Jihad is divided into degrees, I preferred one of its highest levels resembled by the military jihad."

The first resistance women in the military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, narrates the story of resistance by saying: "When Intifada of the Aqsa started in 2001, the resistance in its different affiliations and inclinations, decided to respond to the brutal "Israeli" aggression that resulted in a lot of martyrs at the beginning of the movement."

"The military resistance started in this Intifada and I was part of it," she clarifies.

Preferring to keep the details of her secret work, Tamimi stresses proudly that all what she done is part of her Islamic duty.

Jail's Wall Tells...

From Jordan, home of deportation, the freed free young girl describes stages of her "Israeli" prison.

"In the first stage I was arrested from the house. In the arrest, I was subjected to military investigation in a cell under the earth were no ray of light was seen and where the "Israeli" performed all kinds of physical and psychological torture against me," she explains.

Noting that "she was treated in a so criminal way as the Zionist jailer looked at her as a killer accused of participating in the al-Quds heroic martyrdom operation," Ahlam proudly reveals how the prison walls tell night stories of how she broke the will of her jailers with her fellow women detainees.

"Our dress reflected our identity and the "Israeli" was so frustrated that we remained adherent to our religion despite all kinds of torture. Our jamma Prayer (prayers in congregation) indescribably annoyed them. They tried to confiscate our Holly books (Korans), but we protested, fought, and confronted them so that they retreated."

Drawing a lovely picture of steadfastness, Tamimi uses her strong voice of resistance in describing the last moments ahead of her so-long waited liberation:

"My relationship with God and trust in the promise of the great resistance fighters' made me sure from the first moment that the promise of freedom is coming," she stresses adding that "I prayed to God and I was assured that respite was so soon."

"At the moment of my liberation, when I was passing by an "Israeli" committee, I raised my head high and smiled as the "Israeli" soldiers bowed their heads out of humiliation and they were convinced that they will be out of our land one day."

Remembering the moments of her marriage inside the "Israeli" dark jail to her cousin prisoner "Nizar Tameme", as the authorities of the jail mocked their step describing it as a sheet of paper that will remain a dream, Ahlam sends the defeated "Israeli" a mocking letter.

"Our marriage is enjoying light, and our smile shines as we are free and will remain so in our united soul. Despite your arrogance, we are to unite soon and will have resistance children," the resistance women vows.

Revealing that the arrangements for the couple's wedding are being prepared after the completion of the receiving well-wishers, Tamimi uncovers that she will soon meet her freed husband especially who is now in the West Bank and not subjected to any security conditions.

Message of Freedom

Being one from thousands of Palestinians inside the Zionist jails, the recently liberated girl sends a message of freedom.

"I am carrying a message from the remaining prisoners to the whole Arab nation. These prisoners aren't the responsibility of only the Palestinian people and resistance, they are the responsibility of all Arab nation," Tamimi stresses.
Bride’s Freedom, Princess of Dreams

The girl that inhaled Palestine's air and set her heart on an olive branch asks "why does not Egypt stop exporting gas until the liberation of prisoners, why isn't not Saudi oil used as an economic pressure against the "Israeli?""

"We rely on God and on the resistance, whether Hizbullah, Hamas or Islamic Jihad and other factions to release prisoners," Tamimi says.

Reflecting that "isolated Palestinian prisoners like Ibrahim Hamed, Abbas Sayyed, Hassan Salameh, Abdullah Barghouti, and Mahmoud Issa are the most suffering," the liberated bride acknowledges that "the "Israeli" won't succeed in trying to kill them morally and intellectually.

At the end, Tamimi sends saluting to resistance men who are God's chosen Soldiers on earth and "who only speak through their actions."

"To lovely Palestine, we will return. We will open and Liberate al-Aqsa," and to the enemy," the victorious girl sends her advice "you have to leave Palestine, our Holy land or death is waiting you in every corner and under every stone."