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Most Handsome of the Martyrs at the Borders with Palestine ,

Most Handsome of the Martyrs
at the Borders with Palestine ,
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Nour Rida

On the 20th of March 1996 and in light of the increasing American and Zionist furious campaigns and assaults crowned by summoning almost all the countries worldwide to meet at Sharm Al Sheikh to conspire against the resistance and the (Islamic) nation, a mujahid in his twenties took his way to renew the course of self-sacrifice, reviving the names of the great self-sacrifice martyrs of the Islamic resistance who had destroyed the headquarters of the occupation: the military headquarter in Tyre, Tree school, khiyam plains and Fatima Gate.

The operation of Ali Munif Kashmar, the most handsome of the martyrs, was close to the borders with Palestine precisely at the cross road of Odaisseh and Rob Al tlateen. Here are the operation's details.

On Wednesday 20/3/96 at 1:45 pm, the self-sacrifice Ali Kashmar rushed upon one of the enemy's commander convoys near the borders with occupied Palestine at the cross road between Odaisseh and Rob Al tlateen, blasting himself and causing the destruction of the convoy and the injury and death of all its members.

At 2: 05 pm, the Islamic Resistance retaliated by targeting a gathering for the enemy's armored cars in Rob Al tlateen precisely hitting the target.

At 2:30 pm, the Islamic Resistance targeted a gathering for Lahed agents in The Mashnaka site.
At 6:50 pm, the Islamic Resistance blew up a bomb in a marching patrol including both "Israeli" and Lahed's soldiers in the vicinity of Odaisseh- Rob Al tlateen cross-road.

The Islamic Resistance elucidated the details of the operation as follows: a Zionist convoy headed from Meskaf Aam and passed through Odaisseh- Rob Al tlateen then moved towards Taybe Project; meanwhile, the self-sacrifice mujahid who was able to enter the area despite all the (precautionary) measures practiced by the enemy when passing this route was waiting for it to return from the Taybe Project.

He was able to ambush too close to its path and in the right moment rush upon the convoy and blast himself in it.
The convoy consisted of a number of trucks and few Jeeps which were mounted by commanders. The blast damaged the convoy greatly, leaving lots of casualties especially among the enemy's ranks.
The bomb that was carried by the self-sacrifice "Ashmar" contained hundreds of fatal splinters which were clearly seen on the vehicles whose pictures were allowed to be displayed on TV by the enemy.

The Zionist enemy who concealed the news of the operation for hours was later obliged to admit its occurrence after claiming the place of the operation a security area preventing the journalists to approach until they were able to withdraw the damaged vehicles into the Taybe site, but leaving behind few stricken cars in an attempt to hide the extent of their loss.
Later their sources admitted the killing of a captain and the injury of a soldier. Meanwhile security sources had assured the injury of six soldiers and the death of a captain (Kamal Zeidan 23 years) in the self-sacrifice operation.

These sources pointed at Commander Amiram Leven press conference in which he announced for the first time the arrest of a member of Lahed militia for being suspected of offering help to Hizbullah to implant a bomb near Taybe.

In his turn, the prime minister of the enemy's cabinet Shimon Perez and short after the operation called on a number of military casualties at Rampam Hospital in Haifa.
The sources of the enemy didn't mention where the ten soldiers and officers were injured; however, other sources assured that the casualties fell in the self-sacrifice operation.

On Thursday 21/3/1996 the Secretary General of Hizbullah His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in a press conference announced the name of the hero of the self-sacrifice operation, the martyr "Ali Munif Kashmar". 

He confirmed the Islamic Resistance right to retaliate against the Zionist assaults, launching the equation that later had imposed the balance of terror. He added, "The only way for the enemy to keep safe the Zionist settlements is to keep our civilians and people safe... we in Hizbullah with great pride, self-esteem and courage are responsible for any decision we take in our resistance against the occupation. The battlefield of the occupied line is open to the operations of the Mujahideen..."

Source: al-Ahed news