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Hizbullah: Al-Liwaa Daily Scenario is Completely Baseless

Hizbullah: Al-Liwaa Daily Scenario is Completely Baseless
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Local Editor, 27-01-2010

Commenting on what was reported in the "Al-Liwaa" newspaper from the analysis and conclusions concerning the Ethiopian plane crash disaster, Hizbullah's relation media wanted to clarify the following:

The paper has benefited from some of the atmosphere related to MP Nawwar Saheli's travel, to supply scenarios that are detached from reality. What was reported about Hizbullah having a high-level delegation on the plane, has no basis at all, and is completely false. 

We are disappointed at the mentioned newspaper for promoting scenarios that aren't based on any real data, which is actually bad for the families of the victims and to Hizbullah as well. It was better to exempt itself from a critical flaw and abuse via respecting the simplest rules of the professional standards used to verify the validity of the information before publishing.