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H.E. Sayyed Nasrallah: We Will Defeat the ’’Israeli’’ Enemy, Change the Region΄s Face

H.E. Sayyed Nasrallah: We Will Defeat the ’’Israeli’’ Enemy, Change the Region΄s Face
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The Speech of His Eminence Secretary General of Hizbullah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah at the inauguration of the International Arab Forum for Supporting the Resistance titled "With the Resistance" at the UNESCO Palace on 15-01-2010

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds
May peace and prayers be on last of the Prophets, our Master and our Prophet, Abu al-Qassem Mohammad Bin Abdullah and on his selected household and companions, and all Prophets and Messengers.
May y peace and God's mercy and blessing be upon you all.

Brothers and Sisters, Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you all to the city of Beirut, capital of culture, freedom, Arabism, struggle, and resistance.

Welcome to the strong Lebanon which set aside its ‘miracle' of ‘Lebanon's strength is in its weakness' to uphold the truth of ‘Lebanon's strength is in the solidarity of its army, citizens, and resistance'. Welcome to the victorious Lebanon that was capable, with the blood of its sons and the sacrifices of its martyrs and its courageous resistance, to force the occupier to leave its land and to return its captives from prisons and to stand high and revered in the face of the Zionist dangers, challenges, and threats, thus creating for its citizens and nation a new advanced position on the route to decisive victory God willing.

And thank you, after welcoming and thanking you for your great honest presence in support of the resistance, for supporting its project, movements, peoples, and culture, and for embracing and supporting it in this time of challenges and difficulties.

Be it known, dear brothers and sisters, that your blessed presence and the visions and stances you will present will have great influence on the awareness of our peoples and their willpower, determination, zeal, and confidence in the future.

Brothers and sisters, within this short allotted time that impelled me to write [this speech], I would like to speak of the bright aspect of the present struggle, the dark side of which is vocalized by many, unfortunately, in this world.

Ever since the forces of hegemony and tyranny founded "Israel" as an entity usurping Palestine and as a forward military base for tyrants, these very powers and their Zionist agents endeavored to create a strong expansionist settlement entity that materializes the permanent guarantee of their interests in the region, known as the project of "Greater Israel".

Then came the "Israeli" victory: establishing in 1948, and expansionist in 1967. The Zionists and their masters believed they were close to realizing the "Greater Israel" project.

After that came the Ramadan-October 1973 war (and today I will mention facts, not compliments). It was a critical historical turning point in the conflict with the "Israeli" enemy. Both Syrian and Egyptian Arab Armies fought unforgettable heroic historic battles, putting a limit to the expansionist Zionist aspiration and dream, although not completely terminating that dream. Years later, the Egyptian regime deleted Egypt from the conflict equation with "Israel" through the Camp-David settlement, the most dangerous turning point in the history of the conflict. But God, the Benefactor, intended for Imam Khomeini to enter Iran into the conflict equation through the victorious Islamic Revolution, and to bring down the Shah's regime as an American-"Israeli" agent. This, also, is the most dangerous turning point in the history of the conflict.

In 1982, the Zionist forces invaded Lebanon, occupying the capitol Beirut, aiming at controlling Lebanon and annexing Lebanon to it conclusively. The "Israeli" invasion revived its dreams of "Greater Israel" once more. But after a few years of the resistance, sacrifices, pure blood, and epical steadfastness of the Lebanese people, "Israel" exited Lebanon, submissively defeated with its ‘tail between its legs' as expressed by the Zionists themselves on 25-05-2000.

This was a stark declaration of the final termination of the "Greater Israel" project. And, hence, began the theorizing for a "mighty Israel" superior in strength, as opposed to the prior project of geographically-expanded "Greater Israel".

Months after the Lebanese victory came the Aqsa Intifada in Palestine which, in turn, transformed into a formidable intensifying jihadi resistance, making "Mighty Israel" feel confused, weak, and worried... talking of a battle of existence and a second independence once more, making presence in historical Palestine unfeasible.

And so, Gaza-the-resistant forced the occupation out through resistance, making the Zionists wish, due to their wrath and spite, that Gaza would drown in the sea, and drown it never shall! Rather, Gaza will drown them, God willing.

Walls were built in the West Bank in what seemed like an attempt to draw a new border behind which the Zionists would hide from the might of the Palestinian mujahidiin and martyrdomers.

Afterward, "Israel" launched its aggressive war on Lebanon in July 2006 to eradicate the resistance. However, the resistance persisted in Lebanon, becoming stronger and greater. That war was waged to retrieve the lost deterrence power, but what was left of the deterrence power was lost, and all of "Israel" admitted to its defeat in July...The dreams of "mighty Israel" withered in Maroun al-Raas, Ayta al-Shaab, and Bint Jubeil...for the loss of the dream of "might Israel" to be finally sealed with the red blood that fought to martyrdom and victory in Gaza in 2008.

"Israel" emerged from its wars with the resistance in Palestine and Lebanon with lessons to take from its "Wenograd" school and draw lessons to restore its military and morale...

In all honesty and without exaggeration dear brothers and sisters, "Israel" today lives a real dilemma as talked about by its leaders, experts and newspapers, elites, parties and public opinion polls. The dilemma of the Zionist project and dream, rulers and leadership, dilemma of the once "invincible" army now defeated by a small group of resistance fighters and Mujahideen, a dilemma of confidence in the system and its institutions and future. "Israel" today is trying to repair all that through the rattling of arms, beating the drums of war and daily threats to Lebanon, Gaza, Syria and Iran; threats that no longer scare anyone but cowards and defeatists, while those who experienced the battlefields of jihad and tasted the taste of divine victory, they are longing for confrontation to make a new glory and a great victory for our nation, God willing.

Here is "Israel" defeated by resistance movements, turns for support from the international community, UN Security Council, international institutions, some Arab regimes and Arab intelligence, builds steel walls, launches campaigns of intimidation, distortion and siege, against the resistance, while out of character and for the first time ever it is being extremely cautious making endless calculations when considering any possible direct military confrontation.

Brothers and sisters,
"Israel" is looking for guarantees of success and victory in any future war.

As for the confrontation against the U.S. hegemony in the region, I can also say we're past the most dangerous stages in the history of our region and nation. The U.S. military, security, economic and political force had reached its summit in the last two decades. Encouraged by going it alone in the world, the U.S. pushed its project and offensive against our region, countries and peoples through to its final end.

Seeing it as a historic opportunity to resolve its conflict with our nation, the U.S. went on to occupy Afghanistan and Iraq, constantly made threats against the Islamic Republic in Iran and Assad's Syria, it attempted to place Lebanon under its hegemony while fully supporting and sponsoring "Israel's" wars on Lebanon and Gaza.

The aim was to liquidate resistance movements in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, to dry up all their sources of support in the world, to topple regimes defiant to its hegemony, those who are supportive of the resistance, especially Iran, Syria and Sudan, in order to impose a culture of submission and impotence on our peoples and governments, and to create a settlement of the Palestinian issue according to US-"Israeli" conditions.
Thus completely and finally plunging the entire region under the U.S.-Zionist project and era.

The title of this project, attack and battle is the "New Middle East", the birth pangs of which Condoleezza Rice talked about at the beginning of July 2006 war.

Once again the resistance and resilience project and people-yourselves among them-managed to make great historical achievements. Resistance movements stoodfast in the face of wars and liquidation-attempts at its physical and moral existence.
Defiant governments withstood pressures, isolation and sanctions. Our people adhered to the culture of dignity, freedom and Jihad, deeming themselves more proud, desisting humiliation and submission. Negotiations ended up in a state of "Coma", while many unsuccessful doctors work on reviving them again...

Through resistance and steadfastness great victories were made and the New Middle East project collapsed before the Mujahideen's fists and the awareness of a select few in leadership, as well as the sacrifice of the blood of martyred children, women and the elderly and massive destruction.

If we do not talk about the complete collapse of the U.S. project in our region, we can at minimum talk about American failure, retreat, sense of helplessness and lack of options. All of these are but introductions to the final collapse of this project and war against our nation, God willing.

This is a quick run down of the great victories and achievements of the resistance in our nation and region, noting, that what adds to the greatness, importance, grandeur, historic significance and magnificence - is that they were achieved during the worst Arab circumstances in the history of our Arab nation, and worst international conditions, which you all know.

Amid these circumstances, are the alienation experienced by the resistance, the isolation, siege, intimidation, conspiracy and collusion, it was stabbed in the back, even by 'relatives', but it triumphed by its sincerity, honesty, determination, the sacrifices of its resistance fighters and the blessed blood of its martyrs.

We say all this to assure our people through your honorable conference that the resistance option is a genuine, realistic, logical and winning option, and has vast potential, horizons and expectations, and that it is not just a passing angry emotion or a temporary rebellious whim.

Dear brothers and sisters,
The resistance project, movements and communities need all forms of support and embrace, political, media, moral, legal, material, etc... especially in the face of psychological warfare...
Here I think resistance movements continue to face great many risks in a psychological warfare being of the most serious of wars.

My hope at the end of this speech is to ask all participants of this honorable conference for real assistance in the face of this kind of war, the war of distortion to influence the awareness, will, credibility and confidence of the people of the nation

By the constant debate of the resistance feasibility and implications, such as that, which took place in Lebanon and Gaza about the usefulness and consequences of the martyrs and destruction, ignoring its clear victories the resistance was charged of committing crimes unrelated to the resistance which the resistance constantly condemns.
To accuse the resistance of moral corruption, drug trafficking and so on, and contest resistance symbols, leaders, factions and frameworks, to label them of being sectarian or confessional, or of serving regional states especially Iran and Syria-who we always thank for the unlimited and unconditional support they have provided the resistance.

Although the existing resistance movements in our nation today are of the noblest nationalistic movements in history and in the world, they are being branded as terrorist or accused of promoting the culture of death, the title they brand the culture of jihad and martyrdom, and instead to exchange it for a culture of surrender the one they name the culture of life.

To drag us into domestic conflicts which the resistance refuses to enter into or to alter our priorities, by misleading the nation to replace the friend by the foe, and to instigate hostilities against Syria and Iran, and blockade the resistance and its legal, logical, humanitarian, noble and faithful voice and rationale. To bar our attendance at international conferences and by the new American draft-law that is being legislated for to primarily gag Al-Manar and Al-Aqsa channels, and other Arab satellite channels that speak truth.

Unfortunately, brothers and sisters,
Against a backdrop of massive financial and technical capabilities many Arab media outlets and writers, who are considered Arab are being used in this war against resistance movements.

If I could send an invitation or make an appeal here in your conference, which includes such political, intellectual, religious, cultural and Jihadist elites from both Islamic and Arab worlds, I would have one invitation or appeal, which is: to primarily back the resistance in the face of this enormous psychological warfare today named the 'Soft-War'. One of the most important means of war, which in the past led to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the socialist camp, as admitted by Gates, the U.S. Secretary of War himself...

And I assure you, brothers and sisters,
I assure you we will not be shaken by this war nor by any form of war, we will face war with faith, patience, awareness, determination and certainty, for we are the people of that divine book, which has been telling us for hundreds of years till eternity: Men said to them: "A great army is gathering against you": And frightened them: But it (only) increased their Faith: They said: "For us God sufficeth, and He is the best disposer of affairs." Quranic verse 3:173.

In all our past wars we said, "For us God sufficeth, and He is the best disposer of affairs" and won, and "For us God sufficeth, and He is the best disposer of affairs" today and in the future, and we will win.

You, the loved ones of Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, the nation and the resistance, I also promise before all these daily statements of intimidations and threats you hear made against Lebanon, as I have always promised, that in any future confrontation with the Zionists we will thwart their aggression aims, we will defeat the enemy and create the great historic victory that will change the face of the region, God Willing. I assure you, gentlemen, the future in this region is the future of resistance, glory, dignity and freedom, while "Israel", the occupation, domination and arrogance are to end, God willing...

Peace, God's mercy & blessings be upon you all.


The following is a compiled report on the delivered speech:

In the course of the "Arab International Forum for the Support of the Resistance", which commenced today in Beirut, the Secretary General of Hizbullah His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a short speech on resistance movements and the future of the struggle in the region.

His Eminence began his speech by welcoming the audience and participators in the forum to "the Lebanon" of resistance that broke the rule ‘Lebanon's strength is in its weakness', and thanked the audience for its "support of the resistance, especially in these tough times," assuring them that their presence will have great impact on the citizens of their countries.

Sayyed Nasrallah then began to tell a short history of the "Israeli" wars in the region starting from 1948, going through the 1973 war which brought hope and light for the resistance movements against the Zionist entity, after which the Egyptian regime removed Egypt from the equation...and a few years following that cam the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran which played its part in supporting the resistance movement...then in 1982 when Lebanon was invaded by the Zionists only to be kicked out by the resistance a few years later through the steadfastness of the resistance and "the blood of women, children, and the elderly"... driving "Israel" off its land in 25-05-2000 "with its tail between its legs".

Then, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah noted, came the rise of the Palestinian Intifada shortly after, making "Great Isreal" feel weak, confused and vulnerable, making the mere presence in Palestine intricate.

Hence, the intifada in Palestine arised, and great isreal felt weak, confused...and even staying in Palestine became difficult. Sayyed Nasrallah declared that it is not "Israel" that would drown Gaza in the sea, but Gaza would drown "Israel" God willing.

Then His Eminenece mentioned the role of the strong role of the resistance and the resistance society in Lebanon in the July 2006 war against Lebanon, whereas "Israel's" deterrence was lost, as its dream of ‘great "Israel"' were obliterated in Bint Jubeil and Maroun Al-Raas, to be sealed by the blood of the resistance.

Nasrallah considered that "Israel" today lives a true dilemma which it tries to fix by threatening with war and words..."but these threats frighten on weaklings" he declared, adding that those who have tried "Israel" only feel provoked to make new victories against it.

Then His Eminence shifted the subject to the United States and its regional role, saying that the US reached its climax of influence in the region in the past two decades, meddling in Iraq and Iran, and attempting to stir troubles into Syria and Lebanon, aside to the American sponsorship of wars against Lebanon and Gaza. He declared that the States was up to its elbows in every attempt to crush resistance movements in Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, and around the globe, going as far as opposing pro-resistance regimes such as Iran, Syria, and Sudan. Nasrallah noted the US role in attempting to resolve the issues of Palestine on "Israeli" terms, reiterating the name which was given to the US project in the region at the time declared by Condi Rice.

Sayyed Nasrallah considered that the resistance and its steadfast people created great accomplishments, standing stong in the face of all difficulties, stating that the nations of resistance movements have absorbed and taken on the ideology of Jihad, moving in opposition with the New Middle East project which has fallen apart due to the sacrifices and blood or the women, children, and elderly, due to the sacrifices of the resistance, and due to the devastation and destruction those wars against the resistance created.

"We can talk of US failures, weakness, and defeat," Nasrallah said of the fallen US project.

"The special point is that this victory occurred in light of the worst Arab circumstances," Nasrallah stressed, declaring that the resistance lived through the terrible state of isolation, neglect,
discrimination, to the point where it was even fought by its own Arab brothers. His Eminence considered resistance to be "a true, logical, victorious choice" which "is in need of all forms of support, particularly in the face of psychological warfare, " which he considered took its most vile form in the shape of media distortion against the resistance to target the trust of the people in the resistance trying to make them question the benefit of resistance, whereas the resistance was being accused of crimes it is not only innocent of, but also condemns, in an attempt to lure public opinion away from resistance ideology. Sayyed Nasrallah also mentioned the vile attempt to dispute the victories and icons of the resistance, accuse the resistance of sectarianism, accuse resistance movements of blind loyalty to Iran and Syria who Nasrallah thanked for their sponsorship roles, and accuse resistance of terrorism and spreading a "death" ideology.
Nasrallah noted the closing in on the resistance and the attempts to involve resistance movements in internal disputes and pressuring the resistance to change.

Nasrallah also brought up the subject of the employment and role of Arab media outlets in fighting the resistance.

"I call on this Forum, if I may, to stand by the resistance in [fighting] this psychological warfare," which Nasrallah considered as "the most dangerous of wars."

"I assure u we will not be moved by this war or by any form of this war. We will face it," Nasrallah added, mentioning the Quranic verse: Men said to them: "A great army is gathering against you": And frightened them: But it (only) increased their Faith: They said: "For us God sufficeth, and He is the best disposer of affairs."

"For us," Nasrallah reiterated, "God suffices, and He is the best disposer of all affairs."

Sayyed Nasrallah promised "in face of all terror" and in any "future confrontation we will win and defeat the enemy and change the face of the region."

"I assure u the future of this region is that of freedom, and resistance," Sayyed Nasrallah concluded, ""Israel" and occupation are set for defeat and disappearance!"