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Loyalty to Resistance Bloc blasts Zionist regime´s ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians

Loyalty to Resistance Bloc blasts Zionist regime´s ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians
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Local Editor, 19-12-2009

The Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc issued this statement for the new Hijri year:

With the advent of the month of Muharram and the beginning of the new Hijri year, we address the Lebanese and all peoples of the Islamic world to stop and ponder two great historic events, whose indications formed a fundamental cultural juncture in the entire heritage of humanity: the migration of the Seal of the Prophets Muhammad peace be upon him and his house hold and the martyrdom of his grandson, Imam Hussein peace be upon him in Karbala.

These two events preserved mankind's human values and ideals in the context of a bitter struggle against tyrants of ignorance and deviation, proving without a doubt that protecting what is just, and liberating human society from the shackles of ignorance, repression and tyranny, always needs great sacrifices made by the knowing enlightened, the insightful people of the prophets, guardians and the righteous throughout time, to preserve and rectify the human gathering and to install the features of integrity and righteousness for all generations.

Lebanon along with the Arab and Islamic worlds today are in need to follow the guidance of the practical implications of the Great Migration of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh & hh) and the martyrdom of his grandson Imam Hussein (pbuh). This is especially so in this day and age when tyranny and aggression against the vulnerable reached a peak, when humanity is now threatened by the forces of injustice, oppression, domination and hegemony...the most extreme models of which are represented by the Zionist entity and American arrogance.

The threats by these powers against the security of regional and international community, and the persistence of their monopolistic control over world economies, and the resulting impoverishment of the world, the waste of its resources, the structural distortion of its nature, climate and environment, and the amazing accumulation of wealth at the expense of the development of poor countries and the conditions of their societies, all of which justify the calls and movements against such arrogant approach, which has grown into a burden on developing communities and countries in different parts of the globe.

The Zionist regime's crimes against humanity in Gaza, the West Bank and al-Quds (Jerusalem), the ethnic cleansing it perpetrates against the Palestinians in the depth of their land-occupied since 1948, the described war crimes, the continuous attacks on Lebanon, its constant threat to its sovereignty and stability, the continued occupation of the Shibaa Farms and Kafr Shouba hills of Lebanon and the Syrian Golan, the continuation of its nuclear armament, its continued amassing of all kinds of weapons of mass destruction and its joint military exercises with U.S. military units, all of which pose as a real threat against Lebanon and the region, and indicates the deep rooted Zionist hostile tendency in light of the constant unethical support and backing by the U.S. Administration, further consolidating the credibility and realism of the resistance approach and those on it in their dealing with these real risks Lebanon and the Lebanese are facing, and in the need to be on constant alert and readiness to confront such risks by all available means and capabilities.

The Loyalty to the Resistance bloc, while it calls for drawing inspiration from the Prophet's noble sense of justice, and for the emulation of the Noble Prophet (pbuh & hh) and the path of his grandson Imam Hussein (pbuh) in the face of tyranny, it emphasizes the necessity for the mobilization of collaborated efforts of all the Lebanese, and the serious cooperation among officials to address the citizens' problems, to achieve their priorities and build a strong protected country from corruption and chaos at home and against Zionist enemy threats and ambitions.

Perhaps it goes without saying that the repercussions of the weather storms that hit Lebanon in the past two days and the exposing of a deteriorated infrastructure state, the disregard for assuming responsibility of duties and the lack of cooperation or coordination between concerned agencies and departments, ought to constitute an incentive for the government to spur a new start, whose priority is serving the citizens and their general safety, and improving the requirements for safe and decent living in their areas.