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Minister Hajj Hassan: Resistance freed captives, liberated land and formed a deterrent to the Zionist enemy

Minister Hajj Hassan: Resistance freed captives, liberated land and formed a deterrent to the Zionist enemy
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Local Editor, 07-11-2009

Minister of Agriculture Dr. Hussein Hajj Hassan confirmed in a talk he gave during Ghadir Day celebrations held by Hizbullah that resistance is an inborn human trait that started with mankind's birth, whenever his land is taken, his dignity, honor or rights are stolen, or when he is subjected to assault, his first instinctive response is to resist, struggle, fight and even die for the sake of his faith, homeland, soil, waters, family and honor.

Resistance is a choice, duty and a right about which large volumes have been written throughout history, forming a source of pride and reason for celebrations to all peoples of the world under their different faiths.

The same applies here in Lebanon, where resistance has been in existence since the enemy occupied our land, and started assaults against our people, by land, air and sea breaches, by taking our men, women and children captives, by robbing our natural wealth, and through threatening our security with U.S. backing.

Resistance to occupation is a right and a duty that is humanitarian, legal, patriotic, spiritual and social, but when we politically discuss this topic, some attempt to give it different dimensions.
In our view the resistance freed captives, liberated land and formed a deterrent to the Zionist enemy.

In reality and in truth, continuing "Israeli" occupation of Shibaa Farms, Kafr Shouba Hills and the Lebanese part of Ghajar village as well as persistent "Israeli" threats should as it obliges the Lebanese to have an able deterrent resistance strength capable of confronting threats and aggressions.

This is the point where the resistance role comes is alongside the National Army and every free Lebanese citizen who is concerned for the nation's freedom, independence and sovereignty of his homeland.

As for discussions on how, we have our experience which accomplished results, while other present ideas require study and debate, and there is no need for all this noise since a proper forum has been dedicated for this debate, and it is the National Dialogue Table.

On the government level:

Two days ago Cabinet passed the Ministerial Statement, which will be discussed in Parliament next week in preparation for a confidence vote and most probably this Cabinet will receive a confidence vote due to the national unity government's wide majority representation in Parliament.

This government has duties, the majority of which have been included in the MS such as Lebanon's protection against the Zionist enemy, the security of all the Lebanese living on Lebanese territories, Lebanon's international, pan-Arab and Islamic relations, fighting corruption, bringing back interest into state institutions building. But the Lebanese people and government face urgent concerns of living and economic standards alongside development, particularly in deprived areas, a matter after the recent political phase has grown enormous in concern and national responsibility which is to be faced by the current Cabinet.

It is important for this government to deal with this large number of issues, some of which are the localities of Hay al-Sullum and Laylaki in serious need for infrastructure, demands we must work on achieving.