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"Order is part & parcel of Faith" campaign hurls toward implementation

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Local Editor, 19-11-2009

The "Order is part & parcel of Faith" campaign has been put into action in the Beirut southern suburb, commonly known as Dahieh since last week. The campaign has so far centralized on regulating traffic and unregistered vehicles, and de-cluttering sidewalks throughout Dahieh.

The streets of Dahieh have been crowded with banners announcing the "Order is part & parcel of Faith" campaign before its launch, as Hizbullah's Endebat (Disciplinary Corps), which had been regulating traffic at the appeal of the municipalities after July war 2006, awaited delivering their tasks to the Internal Security Forces ( ISF).

Hizbullah, Amal movement and heads of the Municipalities in Beirut's southern suburbs decided to coordinate with each other and with ISF to impose order in the area.
In a related development, a meeting was held today at the new building of Hadath Municipality between head of Ghobeiry Municipality, Mohammad Khansa, and the head of Hadath Municipality, Dr Antoine Karam including representatives from Hizbullah and Amal movement.

The meeting discussed the "Order is part & parcel of Faith" campaign and the ways to implement it especially regarding the steps for fighting drugs and imposing order in Dahieh. Both Mr. Khansa and Dr. Antonie stressed the need of cooperation between municipalities.

On his part, Mr. Khansa expressed the need for establishing institutions for treating drug addiction, asking the government to aid in the budgets of municipalities and to give each municipality its right, while Dr. Antonie assured the importance of the campaign for it serves all branches of society.

Meanwhile, another meeting was held between head of Ghobeiry Municipality, Mohammad Khansa and the head of Mrayjeh Municipality, Mr. Samir Dakesh to tackle the same issue.

Dahieh has witnessed decades of neglect, yet residents along with Hizbullah and Amal tried with their capabilities to treat some of the aspects of deprivation. The "Order is part & parcel of Faith" campaign will hopefully open a new chapter.