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Dahieh witnesses more ISF measures

Dahieh witnesses more ISF measures
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Local Editor, 16-11-2009

Internal security forces have been lately deployed in Beirut's southern suburbs to organize traffic; this move came following several meetings two weeks ago between officials in the suburbs.

Speaker Nabih Berri headed one of the meetings that was attended by Amal representatives MP Ali Hassan Khalil and Ahmed Baalbaki and Hizbullah chief's political assistant Hussein Khalil, MP Ali Ammar and Hizbullah official Wafiq Safa.

Conferees agreed that any violator of the law should not get any political cover.

Following the series of meetings, a Hizbullah delegation visited Interior Minister Ziad Baroud and Internal Security Forces chief Maj. Gen. Ashraf Rifi and informed them about the party's readiness to offer any assistance and coordinate with the ISF to arrest any wanted criminal hiding in the suburbs.

Baroud said that there will be "more security measures to control the security situation and violations in all regions and not Dahieh alone because security is an inseparable entity."
"Security forces are in a state of full readiness," he said, adding there is "cooperation with all security forces in Dahieh and other regions."

Baroud emphasised on the importance of "coordination" to maintain security in the southern suburbs.