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Loyalty to the Resistance bloc calls for effective & genuine partnership in the government

Loyalty to the Resistance bloc calls for effective & genuine partnership in the government
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Hizbollah Site Staff, 29-07-2009

The Loyalty to the Resistance bloc  held a regular meeting on Wednesday, the 29/07/2009, presided by MP Mohammad Raad with the attendance of its members.

After reviewing the outcome of the deliberations concerning the form of the anticipated government of accord, an assessment was made of the results and findings that are supposed to constitute a guarantee for its proper functioning in the next stage, a stage with delicate challenges, facing which requires firm national understanding in order to preserve stability and achieve the national interests of Lebanon and the Lebanese.

The bloc welcomed the meetings that took place in the South between the influential figures and people of the area on the one hand and the leadership of the UNIFIL forces operating in Lebanon on the other, accompanied by the region's MPs and the Lebanese Army.

The bloc concluded its meeting with issuing the following: 

1. Through genuine and effective partnership in government, the opposition aims to ensure the proper functioning of government and the provision of the broadest national assemblage possible round national decisions, especially with regard to key fundamental affairs of the homeland and citizens.

2. It is Lebanon's concern to pursue international institutions to set them in motion in any direction that puts an end to the condemned Zionist enemy breaches and continued violations of Lebanese sovereignty, to end its occupation of the Shibaa Farms and Kfar Shouba hills, and to remove all the assaults and excesses committed by the enemy in contravention of resolution 1701.

3. The continued efforts to expose the espionage networks of the Zionist enemy, which receives the attention, interest and accompaniment of all constitutional authorities and citizens, must remain a priority within the context of:

a. Maintaining permanent readiness to face the attacks
b. Ongoing strengthening of national steadfastness in the face of Zionist targeting which poses a serious threat to the nation's security and stability.