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Raad: No Domestic Obstacles Preventing Cabinet Formation

Raad: No Domestic Obstacles Preventing Cabinet Formation
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Source: Al-Manar TV, 19-07-2009

Loyalty to the Resistance bloc leader MP Mohammad Raad said in two speeches on Sunday, at a commemoration of the assassination of Syrian Social Nationalist Party founder Antoun Saadeh and during a political meeting in Nabatiyeh, that a national-unity cabinet will help to confront all foreign challenges. "If there are obstacles preventing the formation of the new government, they definitely are not domestic," he said.

He said that Hizbullah will deal firmly with any offensive against Lebanon, despite being open to all political parties.

He added that the international community should help to end the 'Israeli' occupation of the northern part of the Ghajar Village, the Shibaa Farms and the Kfar Shouba Hills, as well as violations of Lebanese sovereignty and establishment of espionage cells, which he said sabotage Lebanon's security and stability.