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Aoun Agrees with Sayyed Nasrallah: Cabinet Committed Foolishness on May 5

Aoun Agrees with Sayyed Nasrallah: Cabinet Committed Foolishness on May 5
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Source:, 18-5-2009

The head of the Change and Reform parliamentary bloc congratulated on Monday the Internal Security Forces (ISF) for arresting the espionage cells spread throughout the country, hailing the discovery of the cells as an encouraging development.

Speaking to reporters following his bloc's weekly meeting at his residence in Rabieh, Aoun expressed hope the ISF would be able to capitalize on these arrests and obtain more data on previous murders.

The General said that traitors should be punished; emphasizing at the same time that no one can be above the law. "We cannot build a state with such people, we are all under the law; otherwise, the state will fall apart," he said. "Had there not been networks that scheme and others that execute then the crimes would not remain hidden," he added.

Addressing Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's latest speech, Aoun made it clear that he understands the latter's rhetoric. "The swift security intervention prevented sedition and I agree with Sayyed Nasrallah that the cabinet committed a great foolishness on May 5," Aoun pointed out.

Answering a question, Aoun said ironically that he refuses to hold a public debate with Carlos Edde "because he scares me."
The Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) leader urged politicians to form the Constitutional Council as soon as possible, but "in a balanced and un-politicized way." He accused the so-called March 14 bloc of "dirty" pre-election tactics, saying "security forces are pressuring people to implement certain policies, while their job is to prevent similar pressure."

"Michel Murr is summoning heads of municipalities and state officials in the villages of Metn to pressure them," Aoun said, adding that "there are employers, especially in banks, who are threatening to fire their employees if they don't vote for the lists they support. We might ask the Confederation of Labor Unions to intervene and protect workers."

"They have lately accused us of attempting to cut short the presidency, and instigate a tripartite sharing of power, while we haven't even talked about such topics," Aoun said in reference to media campaigns launched against his FPM. "After the elections I will hold accountable all the corrupt," he vowed, adding that "no one, even me, is above the law."