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Ammar al-Moussawi: Resistance inevitable under occupation & violations

Ammar al-Moussawi: Resistance inevitable under occupation & violations
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Hizbollah Site Stafff, 14-05-2009

The Foreign Relations Official in Hizbullah Ammar Moussawi, said on Thursday, the current pathways for dialogue between the U.S. on the one hand, and Syria and Iran on the other, "will be long," he added, noting that the U.S. President Barack Obama "Even if he was willing to adopt a new policy in the Middle East, he would not be able to bring about the awaited change expected of him."

Whilst he stressed that Iran and Syria do not control the resistance decision within the Lebanese territories, al-Moussawi warned that the current situation in the domestic arena "Does not reflect a need to search for pretexts to justify resistance work, especially in light of the continued 'Israeli' threats."

He further added that the resistance "Is an inevitable necessity against a backdrop where a part of the Lebanese territory is under occupation, while air, land and sea violations continue, the most notable being the recent hot issue of spy networks, planted in most Lebanese territories."