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"Israeli" Spy Cells Collapsing ~ Confiscated Equipment Displayed

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Source:, 11-05-2009
By: Hussein Assi

Day after another, more "Israeli" Mossad-linked cells are collapsing in Lebanon...

Indeed, in just one month, six networks formed of tens of "Israeli" spies and agents were uncovered in various southern towns, and more is to come!

Six networks were uncovered thanks to the fruitful coordination between the Resistance's security, the Intelligence Directorate in the Lebanese Army and the Information branch within the Internal Security Forces (ISF)...

Of course, the discovery of the cells was in itself an achievement for the Lebanese security system. Yet, it was also a scandal for the Zionist enemy and for all those who sought to undermine its devastative role and schemes, ruling out its involvement in all terrorist acts that hit the country.

So, unlike some Lebanese pretended to think, "Israel" didn't and will not leave the country alone, and the agents uncovered all over the country are the best proof...

However, the story is not so simple...
Indeed, investigation with the agents led to more shocking facts and surprises at all levels... The agents didn't only stay "neutral" in the middle of a devastating war against their country but they also didn't hesitate to help the enemy "find its targets."

Moreover, inspection of equipment confiscated from "Israeli"-linked spies has showed high-tech espionage with reports saying the price of the fridge used to transmit pictures of Lebanon and Syria was estimated at $100,000 and the USB $70,000. According to press reports, Lebanese security services have managed to decode the difficult apparatus and supplies used by spies and were able to know their techniques and characteristics.

On Monday, Lebanese police put on public display equipment an official said was used by alleged "Israeli" spy networks inside the country, including a water cooler equipped with a mapping device. "The equipment was used to identify hundreds of targets on Lebanese territory before and after 2006, some of which were bombed that year," a security official told reporters.

In addition to the water cooler the gadgets included a leather purse and keychains with secret compartments as well as a can for motor oil used to hide mini tapes, a radio and forged identification papers. The alleged spies used the seemingly innocuous items to communicate with "Israel" using encrypted messages, the official said.

A Lebanese security force pointed to the high price of some of the equipment like the fridge used by retired Lebanese general Adib al-Alam that is worth around $100,000.
As-Safir said the detainees have made "important confessions."

Alam used to store pictures he took of Lebanon and Syria in two small refrigerators and would later transmit them to "Israel".


Meanwhile, Lebanese Internal Security Forces chief Ashraf Rifi denied any link between the discovery of the cells and the potential victory of the national opposition during the upcoming parliamentary elections, stressing the two issues were completely separate.

General Rifi, who met with Prime Minister Fouad Saniora on Monday and discussed with him the uncovered cells, was quoted by Lebanese daily As-Safir as saying that pursuit of Mossad cells was a central goal of the security forces institution and its Information branch. He said that the lack of capacity prevented the fulfillment of any achievements in this regard at an earlier stage, but pointed out that the situation was a lot better nowadays.

Rifi commented on the claims saying that his branch was preoccupied with running after opposition and Syrian figures during the previous four years and stressed that such accusations were inaccurate. "We just needed some time to fortify ourselves in order to be able to face the Mossad-Linked cells spread in the Lebanese depth," he said, recalling that the "Israeli" threat wasn't a joke "and anyone who'd like to face it and confront it must be fully ready for it."

The ISF chief said that the security forces had arrested an agent with the "Israeli" Mossad a few months ago, but kept his identity disclosed "because we supposed that this achievement was not enough and that we shouldn't pride ourselves on it before accomplishing the mission." He added that this move have paved the way for the dismantling of many spying cells in Lebanon.

Rifi pointed out that the arrest of retired General Adib Alam had played a fundamental and decisive role in dismantling a number of spying cells. The ISF General expected more cells will be dismantled soon.