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Army Intelligence arrest new "Israeli" agent confessed to spying on H.E. Sayyed Nasrallah

Army Intelligence arrest new
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Source: As-Safir, 4-5-2009

A source revealed to As-Safir newspaper Monday that the Lebanese Intelligence Services had arrested a security service member involved in an "Israeli" espionage network, after the Intelligence Services tracked him for three years trying to collect enough evidence to convict him.

The source said that the Lebanese Armed Forces arrested the suspect H.S. after raiding his house in Bourj al-Barajneh a week ago. According to As-Safir, H.S. was taken to the Army Intelligence Directorate in Yarzeh, where he confessed to spying on Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and a few other party officials.

The daily reported that the suspect confessed to working for the Mossad - the "Israeli" Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations- for years. He also admitted to recruiting his wife, who was also arrested.

The source said that the current investigation was focusing on other possible breaches in the security service that H.S. was a member of.

"The Directorate is expected to announce the capture of the whole spy network as soon as the investigation is completed," reported As-Safir.