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Hoss: Ahmadinejad Durban Speech is Historical

Hoss: Ahmadinejad Durban Speech is Historical
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Source: Al-Manar TV, 21-04-2009

"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speech at the anti-racism conference in Geneva was historical," Former Prime minister Salim al-Hoss said. "The Iranian president was characterized by his frankness and courage when he condemned the Zionism as a mere racist regime. He also condemned the UN resolution that divided Palestine on 1947 and established an entity on the Palestinian territories", he added.

Many western diplomats walked out of the Geneva conference in Durban on Monday when Ahmadinejad accused ‘Israel' as being a racist Zionist entity. "This is a proof that his comments influenced the participants and the international public opinion as well," Hoss said.

"The Iranian president was the only participant courageous enough to make such a clear stance on the Palestinian cause which was and will remain the central cause for Arabs and honorable people in the world." Hoss ended by saying that "Ahmadinejad deserves our appreciation and gratitude as Arabs for his honorific stance."