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Iranian MPs supports Hizbullah against Egypts allegations

Iranian MPs supports Hizbullah against Egypts allegations
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Source:, 16-4-2009

Iranian lawmakers have voiced support for Lebanon's Hizbullah against Egypt's allegations that the movement was conspiring to destabilize Cairo.

In a Wednesday parliament (Majlis) statement, 176 lawmakers condemned the recent accusations against the Hizbullah resistance movement.

"We, members of the Iranian parliament, denounce the recent acts against the [Hizbullah] leader," the statement read, urging certain Arab countries to refrain from adopting 'irrational' policies.

The statement added that it was a 'shame' that certain Arab countries were focusing on tarnishing the image of the movement.

Egypt said last week that it had arrested 49 people linked to Hizbullah on charges of destabilizing Cairo by staging attacks against tourist areas frequented by foreigners during the Gaza war in December as well as masterminding attacks on "Israeli" targets on the Sinai Peninsula and targets in the Suez Canal.

The accusations prompted an immediate response from the movement.

In a Friday televised address, Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah 'fully' rejected charges that the movement was intending to launch an act of aggression in Egypt or any other part of the world.

Nasrallah called the accusations 'baseless' and aimed to 'agitate the Egyptian people and to defame Hizbullah's pure and bright image.'

Egypt's allegation against Hizbullah also drew criticism from the Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki who called it a 'frayed accusation' aimed at targeting Lebanon's election.

Mottaki said on Wednesday that specific elements outside the region, led by "Israel", were 'desperately' attempting to influence the upcoming parliamentary elections in Lebanon on June 7.

Hizbullah and Egypt entered into bitter conflict after the Lebanese movement on several occasions lashed out at Cairo for refusing to open the Rafah crossing, the only route for the impoverished Gaza Strip to receive aid.

Egypt has kept the crossing closed despite international concern that the situation in the Gaza territory would further deteriorate if the residents continue to be denied basic needs.