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Occupation army: We failed to bring Hamas to its knees

Occupation army: We failed to bring Hamas to its knees
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'It's as if we did nothing'
‘We set out to protect southern communities but the fire continues'
Source:, 02-03-2009
Compiled by Hizbullah Official Website.

In a report posted on ynet, several occupation army reservists argued that their government did little to achieve the goals set out for Operation Cast Lead which was waged by the ‘Israeli army against Hamas in the Gaza strip last December.

Many of the reservists who took part in ‘Israel's' military campaign in the Gaza Strip are frustrated by what they call "the political echelon's incompetence".

"It's as if we did nothing," G., an officer who was drafted by proxy of the campaign's emergency orders, told Ynet on Monday.

Some in ‘Israel's' army speculated that the military did all that it could to curb the rocket fire plaguing ‘Israel's' southern communities and that it was the political echelon that failed to make use of the momentum, though analysis has it that it was the ‘Israeli' army's failure to achieve any actual military progress to speak of -when the military campaign entered its ground phase- is what actually placed the political powers in a corner with no possible way to stop the international wave of furry against their revealed atrocities in Gaza.

"We did not bring Hamas to its knees," said Netanel Elyashiv, a sergeant with the Paratroopers. There was a sense that we were somehow disregarding Hamas. Some thought that if we just scared it enough it would fold. Killing a lot of operatives is not a strategic achievement. We have to assert control over the borders again, otherwise it would be like letting the cat watch over the canary."

"I am very disappointed to see the rocket fire continue," a reservist, Boaz Chalamish, remarked.