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Bankrupt "Israel" utilizes YouTube on its war on Gaza

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Source: Press TV, 31-12-2008

When the most sophisticated army can't win the war on Gaza, no wonder it resorts to the Youtube in an attemt to 'ease' the international rage against its barbaric acts.

The ‘Israeli' army set up the channel,, on Monday in an attempt to justify its four days of brutal attacks on the tiny territory, which have left at least 385 people dead, including 39 children, and wounded 1800 more.

The black-and-white videos, which have been viewed over 20,000 times, include aerial footage of ‘Israeli' army attacks on Gaza Strip targets, such as Palestinian autonomous government-owned buildings.

The move came as ‘Israel' launched a series of outreach efforts to gain support for its military operation in Gaza that began on December 27. It is trying to convey the message that "Israel has to defend its citizens" against Palestinian home-made missiles.

While Tel Aviv originally cited the pretext of 'self defense' as the reason for its military campaign, ‘Israeli' officials later admitted that they started the war to topple the democratically elected Hamas government in Gaza.

Over the past few days, Tel Aviv has snubbed numerous international calls for a ceasefire with Hamas.