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Iran exposes objective behind Gaza attack

Iran exposes objective behind Gaza attack
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Source: Press TV, 27-12-2008

Iran says the deadly raids on Gaza, which caused the deaths of at least 210 Palestinian civilians, aim to appease "Israeli" public opinion.

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Hassan Qashqavi told Press TV on Saturday that "Israeli" strikes on Gaza are a direct contravention of international human rights.

After a six-month ceasefire between "Israel" and Hamas expired on Dec 19, the two sides clashed along the border in northern Gaza.

The sharp escalation of violence in the Palestinian territory has dashed hopes of a new truce.
Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit, who had earlier helped mediate a truce between the two sides said, "Egypt won't stop its efforts as long as the parties agree. But I do not imagine that we can convince both parties to return to the truce as long as there is such a strong confrontation between them."

Qashqavi said "Israeli" officials are pursuing a hidden agenda through carrying out the attacks on the Gaza Strip, explaining that by fueling tension in the region "Israeli" rightwing political parties seek to win the upcoming elections in February.

Qashqavi's remarks come as polling results published in several "Israeli" dailies showed that support for "Israeli" ultra-nationalist rightwing parties is growing due to the darkening mood in the region.

According to the polls, "Israelis" demand harsher military measures against Gaza and have stepped up their support for the Beiteinu party which takes a hard-line approach on Gaza.

The Iranian spokesman went on to call for "urgent action from the UN Security Council, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and other countries to prevent the 'Israeli' regime from continuing its crimes."