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Raisi Receives Ansarullah Delegation: Yemen’s Fate Can’t Be Decided by Outsiders

Raisi Receives Ansarullah Delegation: Yemen’s Fate Can’t Be Decided by Outsiders
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By Staff, Agencies

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi emphasized that the fate of Yemen is to be decided only by the country’s own people, and not any outside party.

“No one can make decisions for Yemen from outside the country,” Raisi said in Tehran on Wednesday while receiving a Yemeni delegation headed by Mohammed Abdul Salam, the popular Ansarullah revolutionary movement’s spokesman.

The chief executive also hailed the resistance and steadfastness that the Yemeni people and fighters have been staging in the face of the oppressors.

“Today, the identity of the victor of this arena has become clear to the entire international community, even the aggressors,” Raisi said, adding that Yemen has become "the source of pride for the Islamic and Arab world.”

The country has been withstanding more than six years of invasion by Saudi Arabia and its allies. The war has been trying unsuccessfully throughout the period to restore power in Yemen to the country’s former Riyadh-friendly officials.

Yemen’s defense forces have vowed not to lay down their arms or stop their resistance operations until the country’s complete liberation. Towards the purpose, they have been staging daring retaliatory attack against the invading coalition, many of which has hit the heart of the aggressors’ respective territories.

The Iranian president said the entire world was “in awe” of the struggle that the Yemeni people had put up towards guarding their esteem and independence.

“This is a source of pride not only for the Yemeni nation, but also for all of the world’s Muslims and freedom-seeking people,” Raisi reiterated.

Abdul Salam, for his part, congratulated Raisi on the occasion of his official inauguration as Iran’s new president, voicing delight over the development.

“The Yemeni people have opted to [follow down] the line of resistance, and will continue through this path more powerfully than ever,” he said, adding, “Yemen has taken great strides towards advancement and development.”

While treading along this way, the country considers the Islamic Republic to be a supportive party that is on its side, he said.

Iran and Yemen are standing up to the world’s arrogant powers on a common axis, Abdul Salam concluded.