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Palestinian Detainees Stage Hunger Strike to Protest “Administrative Detention”

Palestinian Detainees Stage Hunger Strike to Protest “Administrative Detention”
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By Staff

The Palestinian Prisoners Club announced that 5 Palestinian detainees have staged a hunger strike, in support of 8 other prisoners who are currently on an open hunger strike in protest of the “administrative detention” policy.

The club stated that the prisoners, Alaa El-Din Khaled Ali, Ahmed Abdel-Rahman Abu Sale, Muhammad Khaled Abu Sale, Hussam Taysir Rabi'i, and Fadi El-Amour decided to join the ongoing strike, bringing the number of prisoners on strike to 13, distributed in the Negev, Raymond and Ofer prisons.

The Palestinian detainees continuing their hunger strike in protest of their administrative detention are: Salem Zaidat, Muhammad Omar, Mujahid Hamid, Mahmoud Al-Fasfous, Kayed Al-Fasfous, Raafat Al-Darawish, Guevara Al-Namoura and Maher Delaysha.

According to a statement by the Prisoner Club, four detainees – Muntasir Billah Abu Azum, Muayyad al-Khatib, Muhammad Zaghir, and Nidal Muflih Khalaf – have suspended their hunger strike.

Zaghir obtained a substantial decision from the “Israeli” entity’s Military Court in Ofer Prison to end his “administrative detention” on October 13, 2021; while the two prisoners, Abu Azum and Khalaf, reached an agreement to determine a maximum duration for their “administrative detention”.

Earlier, the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Authority reported that Muayad Al-Khatib suspended his open hunger strike after a serious deterioration in his health, and he was subsequently transferred to the Raymond prison clinic.

The authority clarified that Moayyad suspended his strike against his “administrative detention” a week after starting the strike. His weight had clearly decreased, and he suffered from severe stomach bleeding and started vomiting blood.