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The ‘Israeli’ Military Is Not Big Enough To Wage War on Multiple Fronts

The ‘Israeli’ Military Is Not Big Enough To Wage War on Multiple Fronts
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By Staff, Agencies

The Zionist military’s outgoing deputy chief of staff, Maj. Gen. Eyal Zamir, this week issued a warning that should keep every ‘Israeli’ up at night.

Speaking at the handover ceremony for his replacement on Monday, Zamir raised the issue of the Zionist military’s relatively small number of soldiers and reservists compared to the threats facing the occupation entity.

“We may face a heavy, long, multi-frontal campaign, combined with internal challenges,” said Zamir. “This requires decision-making ability, breathing space and a strong reserve."

Zamir cited the 11-day May aggression against Gaza and the Palestinian resistance factions’ retaliation as an example, during which the Zionist military had had to manage a presence on several fronts, including the Lebanese border where it must counteract Hezbollah.

Zamir viewed the ‘Israeli’ military as on the verge of the minimum size needed to face more complex threats than those it has experienced in recent years.

Despite the advanced technological capabilities, ‘Israel’ also needs a critical mass of people to improve the military’s overall quality and quantity, the outgoing general said.

One way of fixing the problem is by convincing ‘Israeli’ Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi to rely less on technological advancements and more on the quantitative manpower needed to fight a multifaceted war, including in the internal front.

The outgoing deputy chief of staff also referenced several other issues dealing with the military’s human capital in his speech, including the military's classification process, which Zamir admits often excludes youths from the periphery from serving in the military more technologically inclined units, such as the renowned 8200 intelligence gathering unit.

Zamir’s statements should worry every ‘Israeli,’ who must now demand a solution from Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and War Minister Benny Gantz - who themselves inherited the issue from former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose policies during his 12-year rule enabled the sizable reduction of ‘Israeli’ military troops.