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Crimes Against Yemeni Childhood: Alarming Numbers that Speak Louder than Words

Crimes Against Yemeni Childhood: Alarming Numbers that Speak Louder than Words
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By Yahya Salahuddin

As if the Yemeni nation is destined to struggle to survive, with the heroes of this scene being the country’s children who are still experiencing life-threatening conditions due to siege and dereliction.

Yemeni Minister of Public Health and Population Dr. Taha al-Mutawakel has expressed concern recently over the increase in the number of Yemeni children admitted to hospitals in Saada and other cities, which have become damaged by airstrikes of the US-Saudi aggression.

Adding fuel to the fire, the United Nations' repudiation of its role and the failure to provide basic devices to save those children’s lives is causing more avoidable deaths among the Yemeni kids.

In brief remarks to al-Ahed News, Yemeni Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Dr. Najib al-Qubati made clear that the only alternative to end this catastrophe is to stop the aggression, lift the siege, and open airports and seaports, “then we can manage the situation,” he said.

Whether it is possible to accuse the UN of being partner in this crime against humanity by repudiating their main responsibilities and covering the countries of aggression, Dr. al-Qubati also noted that “the crimes are documented, and the International Law is well known to everybody.”

Talking numbers, the record of martyred and injured civilians, including children, over the period of six years of war on Yemen is listed as the following:

Crimes Against Yemeni Childhood: Alarming Numbers that Speak Louder than Words
Numbers of casualties after six years of war on Yemen as provided by the Yemeni Ministry of Public Health and Population


Additionally, over the same period, some 527 health facilities have been totally or partially destroyed. More than 100 ambulances were bombed. More than 50% of the health facilities were put out of service. Additionally, all medicines and medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment were not allowed into the country.

Rubbing more salt in the wound, one drug factory and another oxygen factory were hit with airstrikes.

A child dies every less than five minutes in Yemen…, this means that almost 300 children, under five years old, die on a daily basis. A woman dies every one hour, with the Health Ministry estimating that among every 100,000 deliveries, 500 women die.

More than 2.6 million children under five years suffer from acute malnutrition, among which 400,000 children suffer from life-threatening severe acute malnutrition.

1.8 million women suffer from malnutrition, and 1 million women suffer from complications.

With every form of deprivation, from food to medicine, entertainment, innocent childhood, security, safety, and mental wellbeing, children of Yemen are deprived of an entire life they are due, like their peers across the world.

Although the numbers are alarming, although they speak louder than any word that would describe this suffering as they are pure facts and not subject to sentimental assessment, the world is still silent, idle, and indifferent to this crime against childhood.

Life is beautiful, they say… perhaps they didn’t consider Yemen when saying it, or they wouldn’t say it anymore when they happen to learn about the ongoing tragedy in that spot of the world!