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Washington Wasting Time, Efforts to Bring Lebanon to Its Knees

Washington Wasting Time, Efforts to Bring Lebanon to Its Knees
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By Mohammad Youssef

The US animosity towards Lebanon manifests itself in a host of different issues on many levels; military, security, economic and political.

Washington has always given the green light, financed and supported the ‘Israeli’ invasions, aggressions, incursions and occupation of Lebanese territories.

All the ‘Israeli’ massacres, destruction, and even war crimes by American standards have escaped any international punishment and condemnation; thanks to Washington’s ready veto to sabotage any attempt in this regard.

All ‘Israeli’ security activities and assassinations against a score of Lebanese and Palestinian figures to destabilize Lebanon’s fragile position have been sanctioned by the US administration.

It would be a rare case if any, to trace any ‘Israeli’ aggression against Lebanon that was not authorized by the US.

As Washington grew worried, all its military and security efforts whether directly or by ‘Israel’ to put Lebanon under its full mandate went futile; It has ushered in a new era and resorted to a new arena to punish Lebanon, and here came the role of economy.

The US administration has introduced a series of economic and financial sanctions that mounted up to become a real siege against Lebanon and the Lebanese people. This American policy is not new and has been applied earlier in many areas and against many countries in the world, like Iran, Syria, Iraq and many other countries in Latin America, namely Cuba and Venezuela.

This US weapon which could be simply designated as economic terrorism has been and continues to be used by Washington to subjugate who it considers its adversaries and enemies, and break their will and determination to exercise full control over their natural resources or to preserve their independence and sovereignty.

This recent American economic and financial terrorism against Lebanon has caused a great suffering to the country and people, and brought bitter consequences on the day to day life of the Lebanese.

Washington long term friends in Lebanon who exercise full mandate over the financial and economic sectors have scored high in corruption and proved to be the worst and most corrupt of the world.

Thanks to Washington; Lebanon is bankrupt and the Lebanese economic and financial sectors are on the verge of collapse anytime soon! Yet Washington never shows any sign to consider easing the tough sanctions it imposed over Lebanon.

Now as this brings a lot of suffering here, and presents an existential menace, nevertheless, this opens a real opportunity for Lebanon and the Lebanese to start economic cooperation with regional countries like Syria, Iraq and Iran and also with powerful countries like China and Russia. This should not be by anyway considered a maneuver or a fake attempt to entice Washington to ease its sanctions but as a real option and vivid choice to establish solid relations with those countries to escape US policy of blackmail and strangulation.

Lebanon now is on a crossroad, and this entails taking tough decisions, the first and most important of is to break this vicious cycle of US pressure on all levels. We should be aware that this is America’s last bullet, and as such we should be determined more than any time in the past to stay steadfast and open ways to survive this new calamity and surmount this dilemma; and this is doable.

The US administration should understand that it is only losing time pinning hope to subjugate us. Yemen and Gaza are two excellent examples about this axis’ steadfast, solid and strong position.

Spare your time and effort Yankees; neither the time, nor the situation are to your side or in your favor. The wind of victory is blowing in our direction. We, you, and the whole world will witness this. Hopefully soon!