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‘Israel’ Used ’Airborne Laser’ To Down Drones

‘Israel’ Used ’Airborne Laser’ To Down Drones
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By Staff, Agencies

The Zionist occupation military used an airborne laser to shoot down drones in a series of tests, officials said Monday, calling it a "milestone" to update its military systems.

During the tests, which took place "over the last week," a prototype of the high-power laser system carried on a small civilian plane "successfully intercepted several UAVs", said Yaniv Rotem, head of the war ministry's research and development unit, using the acronym for unmanned aerial vehicles.

The system could down any flying object, including "drones, mortars, rockets, ballistic missiles," Rotem claimed, adding they hoped to have a working prototype in "three to four years."

It was not possible to verify the military's claims.

A video released by the ‘Israeli’ side showed the laser system on the back of the small plane, directing a beam of energy towards a test drone, apparently burning a hole and setting it on fire.

The tests saw the airborne lasers intercept drones from a range of one kilometer, but once operational, developers claimed it could reach targets as far as 20 kilometers away, Rotem said.

The laser uses existing ‘Israeli’ aerial technologies to track and lock its target, before firing a 100-kilowatt laser beam that would down it, Rotem told reporters.