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US Report Highlights Yemeni Missile Capabilities, Threat to Saudi Depth

US Report Highlights Yemeni Missile Capabilities, Threat to Saudi Depth
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By Staff, Agencies

An American website shed light on the development of Yemeni missile capabilities, which have become a threat to all sites inside Saudi Arabia. The Brookings Defense website said in a report that the army and the popular committees' missiles are currently threatening most of Saudi Arabia, as the Yemeni armed forces revealed a new Burkan missile with a range of at least 1,200 km, which puts almost all of Saudi Arabia in the crosshairs of the army and the popular committees, to the extent that it has become a new threat to the Kingdom.

It confirmed that in August 2019, the Yemeni Air Force launched a new “Burkan-3” ballistic missile to Dammam, such an attack was not confirmed at that time. In addition, on March 7, it launched a ballistic missile of the same type to Dammam and achieved its goal, already hit the target with high accuracy.

The website reported that the Yemeni Air Force has acquired several ballistic missiles, including Burkan-H2, Scud, Burkan-3, Scud-B, Zulfiqar and other missiles and drones that today threaten Saudi Arabia and its oil facilities. In its report, the website asks: How did the Yemeni armed forces achieve this success, and what does that mean for Saudi Arabia?

The report added that the Yemeni missile attacks on Saudi Arabia are continuing, and it became clear that Saudi attempts to track and destroy the launch pads to prevent the missiles from reaching Yemen have achieved nothing.

The Burkan-3 missile, which was revealed in 2019, is also more advanced and significantly exceeds the area that Yemeni missiles have reached before, as it poses a threat against any specific target.

Saudi Arabia claims that it can successfully defend its territory against most ballistic missile strikes launched by the Yemeni Air Force, but their Patriot missile systems can only cover a limited area, so Saudi Arabia will need to choose whether to prioritize economic, military, or military objectives or the population", the website added.