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Ansarullah Official: Sayyed Nasrallah Supported The Yemeni People When the World Abandoned Them

Ansarullah Official: Sayyed Nasrallah Supported The Yemeni People When the World Abandoned Them
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Interviewed By Yahya Salahuddin

Sanaa - Chief of the Palestinian File at Yemen’s Ansarullah resistance movement, Hassan Abdul Rahman al-Hamran, told al-Ahed News in an exclusive interview that the Yemeni people view the Palestinian Cause correctly and truly based on the awareness and foresightedness about the enemy, whom they diagnose precisely.

Despite the war and blockade directed at the Yemeni people, al-Hamran stressed that their concerns about Palestine didn’t change their directions ever since the ‘Israeli’ regime occupied Palestine.

“Anything that comes as a consequence for this stance, the Yemeni people are ready to overcome,” he added.

In response to a question about evaluating the Yemeni performance amid the shameful Arab passiveness, al-Hamran outlined that the Yemeni relationship with the Palestinian Cause is a religious one in the first place, and has nothing to do with political or media exploitation.

He further explained some ways the Yemenis show solidarity with the Palestinian Cause, noting that they are people who carry the burden of liberating the sanctities in which they had their fair share in all phases of liberation, harboring hopes that they will, hopefully, be at the forefront of the Muslim nation’s lines.

With respect to a question about readiness for any future war, al-Hamran conveyed the message of Ansarullah leader Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi to the Palestinian people and the ‘Israeli’ enemy, reiterating that Yemen will be present in any upcoming battle.

When asked about the impact of Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s words and tears in reaction to the Yemenis’ readiness to support Palestine, when His Eminence affectionately addressed Sayyed al-Houthi by wondering how the Yemeni people would share the loaf of bread with the people of besieged Gaza while they are themselves a besieged nation, the Ansarullah official uttered a message to the Palestinian people as saying: “To our Palestinian brothers, we are by your side, you are note alone; and our message to the normalizers is that we are in the time of uncovering the truths… your failing plot has been exposed, and the Muslim nations do know and recognize their enemy and their friend. They also know that you don’t represent but yourself, and this is also known by the ‘Israeli’ and American enemy.”

In remarks for Sayyed Nasrallah, al-Hamran expressed the warmest feelings of love, respect, and appreciation for his words and expressions that create a huge impact for the Yemenis: “We salute the one who supported us when we were abandoned, and the one who endorsed us when other people gloated over our grief.”