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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech Marking the Resistance and Liberation Day on May 25th, 2021

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech Marking the Resistance and Liberation Day on May 25th, 2021
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Translated by Staff

Secretary General of Hezbollah His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivers speech on Resistance and Liberation Day on May 25th, 2021:

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan. In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our Master and Prophet, the Seal of Prophets, Abi al-Qassem Muhammad Bin Abdullah and his good and pure household and his good and chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers.

Peace and Allah's mercy and blessings be upon you all.

First of all, I apologize for my absence during the past few days after Al-Quds Day until today because I had a severe cough, and it was difficult for me to speak or deliver a speech. God willing, on this occasion we will talk as much as we can. My apology is for the past period. Although they were important and historical days that witnessed great events, but this was the reality of the situation. 

From the very first moment of the events in Gaza, I was closely following up with my brothers in charge and leaders, whether in Lebanon or outside Lebanon. The only thing missing was for me to speak with you directly and with our families and loved ones in Palestine.

The events in the past days in Palestine and Gaza will take a large part of my talk tonight. After that, I will talk about the Lebanese situation, whether it is related to the stance of confronting "Israel" or the internal issue.

Because of my recent health condition, I had missed delivering a speech on the anniversary of martyr and great jihadi leader in Hezbollah, dear brother Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine. I always spoke on his annual martyrdom anniversary, but these are the circumstances. God willing, we will mention him tonight.

God Almighty says in His Glorious Book: 

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Merciful. 
{And do not weaken in pursuit of the enemy. If you should be suffering - so are they suffering as you are suffering, but you expect from Allah that which they expect not. And Allah is ever Knowing and Wise.}
Allah Almighty has provided this truth.

We ask God for steadfastness, tranquility, victory, glory, honor in this world and the hereafter, and the best of this world and the hereafter. As for what they hope for, it is known and limited.

Brothers and sisters. First, I congratulate all of you on these two victories in May. God Almighty exchanged the two occasions, the nakba on May 15 and the treachery agreement on May 17, with two great days and bestowed them on the Lebanese and the Palestinians.

From now on, we will celebrate two great victories in May, the victory of the resistance in Lebanon and the defeat of the occupation on May 25, 2000 and the victory of the Palestinian people, the Palestinian resistance, and Gaza on May 21, 2021.

I congratulate the entire Palestinian people on the land of historic Palestine, in the diaspora, and in the refugee camps, and abroad, on this great historical victory of the great resistance in Gaza and for this steadfastness and popular uprising in Al-Quds, the West Bank, and in the 1948 territories. We extend our condolences as well as our congratulations for the martyrs (may God have mercy on them).

We pray that the wounded be healed, and for the families of the martyrs, the wounded, and those who lost loved ones, homes, and money, may God Almighty grant them patience as well as reward and compensation in this life and the hereafter. Certainly, God Almighty, will compensate them in this world and the hereafter with His generosity and existence.

On this victory, we congratulate the leaders of the resistance movements and the leaders of their military wings, who were brilliant in this battle, their majestic fighters, and especially the people of Gaza, who embraced and supported, were patient, and suffered during the war, bombing, and aggression. These people expressed their faith, authenticity, and loyalty.

Second: On Resistance and Liberation Day, I congratulate the entire Lebanese people on this day. At the beginning of the speech on Resistance and Liberation Day, I stress on this part so that people do not forget and for future generations to know what happened and what was achieved by the grace of God Almighty, His victory, and help at that time. 

It was due to the great sacrifices. It did not just fall from the sky while people were sitting in their homes. We always stress that the May 25 liberation was the result of great sacrifices – the sacrifices of not just one Lebanese resistance faction or party. Rather, it was the result of the accumulation of long years of jihad, resistance, and sacrifice of many Lebanese and Lebanese resistance factions. At the forefront of those who made sacrifices are the martyrs – the martyrs of the resistance belonging to the Amal Movement, Hezbollah, the national Lebanese parties that were also resisting, the Lebanese Islamic forces, the martyrs of the Lebanese army and the Lebanese security forces, the martyrs of the Palestinian factions that also participated from 1982 until the liberation in 2000, and the martyrs of the Syrian Arab Army who faced the 1982 invasion and also bore the consequences of confronting the resistance and the war on Lebanon in multiple events and wars until 2000. In addition, our people, including men, women, and children who lived in the villages along the frontline and constantly suffered due to the different types of war at that time – whether in July in what the enemy called settling of scores or in the Grapes of Wrath and the massacres in Qana and other villages. 

The liberation was accomplished as a result of hard work, distance from families, continuous jihad, and the people's patience, endurance, and their embrace for the resistance despite all the consequences that were inflicted on them as a result of the enemy's responses to the resistance.

At the forefront of these honorable resistance fighters who made sacrifices are the people of the Bekaa. We are not only talking here about the south. The south was at the lead of the battlefront. But the Bekaa comes at the forefront of the rest of the Lebanese areas. The people of the Bekaa sent their children to fight in the south. They offered many martyrs and wounded. The cemeteries of the towns and villages in the Bekaa have their fair share of martyrs. The Bekaa has always borne the consequences of its victory in the south under the continuous “Israeli” bombardment of the resistance’s training camps and stores there. There are also martyrs from Beirut, the southern suburbs, the north, and Mount Lebanon.

Hence, the Lebanese people and the Lebanese resistance created this is a victory. When we talk about the martyrs, we must also mention our martyrs. This does not devalue the martyred leaders belonging to the rest of our brothers in the Amal movement, the national parties, the Islamic forces, and the Palestinian factions. 

From my position in Hezbollah, it is my duty to mention our martyred leaders, our master, our mentor, our secretary general, and our leader, the master of the martyrs of the Islamic resistance, Sayyed Abbas Al-Moussawi, his wife Um Yasser, and his child Hussein. They are the martyrs of the liberation of the south. We also have the sheikh of our martyrs, Sheikh Ragheb Harb, martyred leader and the commander of the two victories, the great leader Hajj Imad Mughniyeh. There are many more martyrs.

Here, I must also mention the great jihadi leader, brother Sayyed Mustafa Amine Badreddine, aka Sayyed Zulfiqar (may God have mercy on him), who also led the resistance for many years during the nineties and had direct military and security achievements. I must also mention the martyrs who were martyred on May 21, 22, 23 and 24, 2000. First and foremost was the ascetic martyr Sheikh Ahmed Yahya and his companions. 

Besides the resistance and the people, we must also mention the official position in the year 2000, to be fair, honest, and loyal. One of the most important factors of victory was the steadfast official Lebanese position at that time, the position of President General Emile Lahoud, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, and Prime Minister Selim Hoss. This was also the position of the Lebanese government at that time and the general mood and position of the overwhelming majority in the parliament. There is no doubt that this official position constituted a strong support for the resistance and for the continuation of the resistance, especially in recent years that had accumulated to the level of the defeat of the enemy on May 25, 2000. The integration that existed between the resistance, the state, and the army also made it possible for May 25 to end in a celebration of liberation, not a funeral, sectarian strife, and civil war, as Ehud Barak and the Zionists had planned.

In order to complete what is related to the Resistance and Liberation Day, we must point out to the Syrian support – various forms of Syrian support – during the time of the late President Hafez al-Assad (may God have mercy on him), which continued with the presidency of President Dr. Bashar al-Assad. We must also mention the various forms of support from the Islamic Republic, which firmly established, under the leadership of Imam Khomeini and His Eminence Imam Khamenei.
Back then, mentioning names was not an option. Now, we must mention the great role the martyr of Al-Quds, martyred commander, the martyr of the axis of resistance and the master of the martyrs of the axis of resistance Hajj Qassem Soleimani in supporting the resistance in Lebanon and developing its capabilities within a few years. This gave the resistance a great impetus and qualitative and material development, which led to the victory in May 25.

I always like to make this introduction to show loyalty to the martyrs, the resistance fighters, those who make sacrifices, the supporters, and those who made this achievement. This liberation is the basis for the time of victories. Thanks to this liberation, we entered the time of victories. On that day, I spoke on behalf of the Islamic Resistance in Bint Jbeil and dedicated this historic victory to the Palestinian people, to Palestine, to all of Palestine because the ultimate goal is there in Palestine. All hopes are in liberating Al-Quds. The end goal is there.

This victory in Lebanon on May 25, 2000 established new equations, new rules, a new culture, and new values. From the first day, its results were strategic. It was clear that day – if you remember, and we must go back to that time – that many “Israeli” Zionist officials expressed their disappointment and spoke about the dangers of this decision, its strategic dangers. Among those who spoke was Yitzhak Shamir, the former prime minister of the enemy’s government. He addressed Ben-Gurion in his grave, telling him that this withdrawal and this defeat would constitute an existential threat to the enemy’s entity, meaning it would establish the demise of this entity.

That was the highest serious assessment issued in 2000. It was made by Yitzhak Shamir, the former prime minister and head of the Likud party and an important historical figure in the entity.

In any case, after the 2000 victory, the Intifada of the blessed Al-Aqsa in Palestine took place followed by the liberation of Gaza. The second great victory was the liberation of Gaza – the enemy unconditionally withdrew and the conflict with the enemy entered a new stage, where the armed resistance became popular. Here, I am not taking about countries. The popular resistance had two important bases. The first was in Lebanon, that is, in the north of occupied Palestine, along the northern border of the entity when we are talking about confrontation. The second was in the south of Palestine in Gaza. The enemy has since attempted to uproot these two bases.

Now, we will talk about the recent events. The enemy tried to uproot these two bases, whether in Lebanon or in Gaza. It failed and was disappointed. Its attempts backfired, and it always returned defeated. These attempts gave a new momentum to the resistance, its base, and its project.

It did the same thing in the July 2006 war against Lebanon, and the objective was to crush the resistance in Lebanon. Also, in the wars on Gaza, “Israel” did the same thing. At that time, it aimed to crush the resistance in Gaza, in the wars of 2008, 2012, and 2014. The latter lasted 51 days – the tireless attempts to assassinate leaders, and the siege that has been in place in Gaza for more than 15 years.

Then, the recent war took place. But it is a different war. I will talk about it in a bit. So, the achievement on May 25, 2000 put the enemy, the friends, the Palestinian cause, the issue of liberation, and the conflict in the region before a new, different, strategic, and historical path.

We come to the recent battle that the leadership of the resistance in Palestine called the Battle of the Al-Quds Sword.

The beginning of the events and here I will talk about some evaluation. Of course, I will not rely too much on the narration because I suppose that all people were keeping up with the events until the end of the ceasefire. You still remember all the details. Therefore, I will not mention lot of details. I will just focus on the evaluation. Of course, the purpose of the evaluation is to show the reality of the victory that has been achieved and the results. We then build on them and to benefit from this experience. We, in Palestine, Lebanon, and the region learn lessons from it to use in the existing conflict with the enemy.

We all know that the events in Palestine began in Al-Quds when the “Israeli” enemy insisted on evacuating the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and expelling its residents from it. Of course, these are no ordinary homes or neighborhoods. We all know that evacuating the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood is to judaize Al-Quds and liquidate the direct Palestinian presence in the holy city.

Attacks against Palestinians in Bab Al-Amoud and other places in Al-Quds and preventing worshipers from reaching Al-Aqsa during the month of Ramadan are very sensitive matters, especially for the Palestinians, whether in Al-Quds, the West Bank, or in the 1948 territories.

Worshipers who arrived there were attacked. Others were assaulted to prevent them from getting there. The police and the settlers frequently raided Al-Aqsa Mosque. It was clear that Al-Quds and its residents and most importantly its sanctities, including Al-Aqsa Mosque, were all in the circle of danger. That is what made the resistance and the leadership of the resistance in Gaza make a new, historic, great, and firm position. This is what I will be talking about in a bit.

The resistance in Gaza threatened to resort to a military confrontation if the enemy did not stop its actions against the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, the worshipers, and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. It was a very big and historic decision, and I will return to it shortly.

At the appointed time, the resistance threatened in Gaza and carried out its threat – whether by the Al-Qassam Brigades, the missile bombardment towards Al-Quds and the vicinity of West Al-Quds, or the operation of Quds Brigades at the Gaza border by launching the Kornet. And the battle began.

I will talk about the reason that caused the events because it is related to Palestine, Lebanon, and the region. The reason for this battle and events is the stupidity of the enemy’s leadership, Netanyahu’s stupidity, and the stupidity of all this military, security and political team that has been leading the enemy entity for many years. I will explain how their foolishness, arrogance, contempt for the Palestinians and the nation, and the mistake in their assessments and calculations caused this battle. Miscalculation is what always led to previous wars with the resistance, the results of which were failure and defeat of the enemy.

Now this is what happened, and this is what will happen in the future. I do not expect these people to become rational or realistic. They will continue with their foolishness and arrogance, and they will go through wrong experiences that will lead to the accumulation of failure and defeat which will end, God willing, with the demise of this entity. This is what I believe in. This must be taken into consideration since you are in front of a foolish and arrogant enemy. Imam Khomeini’s words always come to mind – thank God he made our enemies foolish. Because of their foolishness, God willing this entity will be lost and the land will be returned to their real owners. 

Foolishness and arrogance. What wrong estimations did Netanyahu and his people make? The following: if we evicted hundreds of Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, besieged the Al-Aqsa Mosque, allowed settlers to enter, and harassed worshippers, what will happen? Nothing will happen. There will be some statements and objections, a conference here, and some condemnations there. Then, the judaization project of Al-Quds will go on track. Despite people objecting, the project will go on – Palestinians will be displaced, and there will be more settlements in and around Al-Quds. This was the general estimation. When you look at the details, you’ll find that the Arabs are in a different world. There are Arab countries who are heading towards normalization and cooperation with the entity. They defend it and beautify its image via its media while considering it religiously, politically, and culturally.

Basically, the “Israelis” do not have no problem with the Arab world. It has a problem with Palestine, the Palestinian people, the Palestinian people in the 1948 territories. It was fully surprised, and we’ll get back to this. Eventually, the West Bank can be besieged and pressured. The “Israelis” did not even have Gaza in mind. I will also get back to this point. If the people in Al-Quds moved, what can they do? They are besieged and are in a difficult situation. Hence, the Palestinians can’t do anything. If there was anything dangerous that can possibly happen was for Gaza to enter militarily to prevent these measures in Al-Quds.

According to its calculation, and I think the most important mistake in the enemy's estimation is that neither Netanyahu, nor the generals, nor the security apparatus, nor the Shin Bet, nor the Mossad thought about Gaza making a great historical decision of this kind. We will benefit from this in Lebanon later. According to their way of thinking, Gaza has been besieged for 15 years. The living conditions and the economic situation are difficult. There is an outbreak of the coronavirus. People need medicine and food. They just came out of a 51-day war in 2014 that resulted in a great number of martyrs and wounded, with homes destroyed, etc. Frankly speaking, Gaza surprised the friend and foe in this decision.  

Therefore, the “Israelis” made a mistake. that is why they insisted on these practices in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood as well as attacking worshipers and preventing others from getting to A-Aqsa Mosque. Hence, the resistance in Gaza was forced to implement its threat. 

Going back to the evaluation of the background, and this is the point I said we must always take advantage of. We must keep in mind that we are facing a foolish and arrogant enemy that is a failure at the same time.

The most important thing in this aspect is the evaluation of the Gaza Front, what Gaza did. When we say Gaza here, we mean the resistance and the people. What Gaza did was a qualitative and historic step in the history of our conflict with the enemy. This must be well understood and made clear. It must be highly considered.

Brothers and sisters, after the liberation of the Gaza Strip, the battles and wars that took place were always related to Gaza. This is known. The reasons for the broader confrontations in 2008, 2012, and 2014 were all related to Gaza, be it the assassination of leaders, “Israeli” arrests and massacres, or an outcome of the siege – to alleviate the economic siege. In any case, the objectives and accounts were linked to Gaza. The resistance was protecting Gaza. It was protecting the Gaza Strip, its residents, and its presence in this narrow geographical area.

The historic development that took place in the Al-Quds Sword battle is that Gaza entered the war to protect Al-Quds and not Gaza, to protect Al-Quds and its people, the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, the sanctities, and Al-Aqsa Mosque. So, it threatened and implemented its threat and entered the fighting. To me, this is a historic, exceptional, and qualitative decision. And when the leadership of the resistance made this decision, it knew well that it would enter into a war, into a broad confrontation that will bring bombardment, destruction, martyrs and wounded onto Gaza and will intensify the hardship. Here, the people of Gaza and its resistance were willing to sacrifice, not to defend themselves, but rather the Holy Al-Quds and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Here is the high level of sacrifice and paying the price.

Here, the fighting was not to defend the sons, the women, the children, or the existence. The resistance in Gaza and its people placed their sons, women, children, and all their existence on the palm of redemption and sacrifice for the sake of Al-Quds and the sanctities of this nation. They considered that God entrusted them [with Al-Quds and the sanctities]. Frankly, this decision by the leadership of the resistance in Gaza was a decision of faith, jihad, redemption, sacrifice, and honesty at the highest level. Frankly, this decision by the leadership of the resistance in Gaza was a decision of faith, jihad, redemption, sacrifice, and honesty at the highest level. Therefore, it had these resounding psychological effects that shook all the Palestinians – the people in Al-Quds, the West Bank, the 1948 territories, the diaspora, the entire Arab and Islamic world, and many of people around the world. Forget about those dead people, who are not even alive. Do not count them.

Therefore, this battle also received tremendous interaction from here as a result of the resistance’s performance and solidity, the solidity and steadfastness of the people of Gaza, the brilliance of the leaders, the loftiness of the fighters and the movement of the people in Al-Quds, the West Bank, and the 1948 territories. Demonstrations took place on the Lebanese border with Palestine, the Jordanian border with Palestine, many places in the world, in capitals, countries. This is the level of interaction from communities and people. This battle, this incident revealed an important matter that the Zionists must take into consideration. Up to here, I’m done talking about the evaluation of the events and their background.

Based on this assessment, there is an important point I would like to talk about. I think it is the most important thing I will be mentioning in this speech. This is an important matter that the Zionists must understand and know, and the nation as well as the axis of resistance must work for it and prepare for it. But we need more vigor and energy and shorten the timeframe.

I am now addressing the leaders of the enemy, the leadership of the enemy, the enemy’s government, the enemy’s army, whoever is heading the new government in the coming years. Based on this experience, you should reconsider your estimates. You should know that when it the holy city of Al-Quds, Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the Islamic and Christian sanctities are harmed is completely different from any other matter. You may kill some of the leaders there, displace people in some Arab villages, in the Negev, or in other places. You may attack and besiege, etc. 

As long as A-Quds, as a holy city, Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Islamic and Christian holy sites are not harmed, there are different calculations and equations. But when the holy sites are harmed, it is a different matter. The evidence is what Gaza has done in the past few weeks and what the leadership of the resistance in Gaza has committed towards Al-Quds and the sanctities. This commitment is clear. They are loyal to what they committed to it. 

I would like to add something that is related to the outside. We’ve all been following this battle. Let us put the slogans and debates aside. Leaders within the resistance axis and the resistance movements during such events are in daily and hourly communication, and they act rationally, wisely, responsibly, and in the interests of the battle. They do not let emotions, slogans, enthusiasm, and disagreements control them. The “Israelis” must understand that harming the Holy City, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the holy sites will not stop at the borders of the Gaza resistance.

This is what the “Israelis” should include in their calculations. This matter, of course, is not on behalf of the Palestinians, but alongside the Palestinians. This must be the commitment of the people, all the movements, the axis of resistance in the region, and states. Of course, I am stating my personal opinion that we must reach this to create a new equation.

The new equation is which the Gaza resistance created is the following: Al-Aqsa Mosque and Al-Quds in exchange for an armed confrontation, armed clashes.

Of course, it does not apply to every little detail. The resistance leadership in Gaza usually evaluates and takes all aspects into consideration.

The equation that we must arrive at is ‘Al-Quds means a regional war.’ That is, all the resistance movements cannot just stand there and watch while the holy city and the sanctities are in real and grave danger. Yes, this, of course, at the time needs to be checked. The resistance movements and the axis of resistance cannot just stand.

Thus, the “Israelis” must realize that this is a real and serious equation. It has been prepared for day and night. They must also understand that the people of the resistance in the region will not abandon the holy city. They will not allow the Islamic and Christian holy sites to be demolished and alleged alternatives be built on them. When they comprehend the aforementioned, it is then that the “Israelis” will understand that any step of this kind will be a danger to the entity because I believe that the end of any regional war – if it takes place according to the data within the “Israeli” and the regional reality as well as the movements and countries of the axis of resistance – is the demise of the entity.

Hence, following the Gaza resistance’s great, bold, and historic experience, we must develop this position to this level, with this decision, with this serious will, and with this new equation – yes, we can protect the holy city and the Islamic and Christian sanctities in the city.

I consider that this is the most important point in tonight's speech. I would like to move on to a quick reading based on this experience – thank God He is helping us (in reference to his health). So, let us continue where we left off. The Battle of Al-Quds Sword had important results. I will not go into the detailed and specialized aspect, but I will mention some general results.

During the days of the battle, experts, thinkers, analysts, and commentators said a lot of useful and correct things – be it in the media or social media. But I would like to summarize some results also as a contribution, even later, in the context of this battle, and also to build on them for the next stage.

Now, we are giving those who were called March 14 something to talk about tomorrow.

When the holy city and the Islamic and Christian holy sites in the holy city face a serious and real danger, the red lines or artificial borders mean nothing. 

I’ve divided the results into two parts: The political, moral, cultural, and psychological results and the military and security results.

Some of the results are: 

1- Restoring the spirit of unity to the Palestinian people in occupied Palestine – the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Al-Quds, the 1948 territories – in the diaspora, and in the world. The whole world felt that we are one people. The Palestinian people moved as one spirit, with one soul, one pulse, one slogan, one goal, and one cause. This is what the enemies of Palestine have prevented for decades by dividing and scattering the Palestinian people.

2- Reviving the Palestinian cause in the world. For those who thought that the Palestinian cause was over and extinguished, this confrontation in the Al-Quds Sword battle in revived the Palestinian cause in the world and imposed it on the countries, the people, the media, and the communication networks in the world. Some reports said that 55% of social media followers were very interested in the events and received pictures of what was happening in occupied Palestine after Trump's lean years and the normalization [agreements]. The battle imposed the name of Palestine and the Palestinian flag on the world, reminding it once again of the Palestinian people.

3- Bringing life back to historical Palestine from the sea to the river. The most important thing is when we heard the young generation in the 1948 territories talk about the Palestinian identity and the Palestinian dream. This is a great strategic development.

4- Increasing confidence and belief in the option of armed resistance and that popular uprising is the only real path to liberation, freedom, and the restoration of land after the failure of negotiations. This means the rise of the spirit of the culture of resistance among the Palestinian people and the people in the region.

5- Countering all the propaganda of those who normalized [ties with “Israel”]. I mentioned this point on Al-Quds Day. They always used to say you want us to fight to liberate Palestine when the Palestinians themselves abandoned the fight and left and sold [their land]. They do not care. All the propaganda from those who normalized [ties with “Israel”] about the Palestinian people abandoning their cause and their sanctities were thwarted. Why do we have to be more royal than the king? I said that the Palestinian people are the king. On the day of Palestine, the Al-Quds Sword proved it was the king of kings. However, the greatest king of kings is God Almighty. The Palestinian people have proven their adherence to their cause and the sanctities the nation entrusted them with, and their great willingness to continue sacrifices and redemption in this path.

6 - These events and the battle dealt a severe and very strong blow to the normalization project, the path of normalization, the normalizing countries, and all those who are normalizing. And all that the media outlets of these countries have done in order to portray the Zionists as doves of peace and try to theorize about cousins, all of this has failed.

7- Today, on May 25, 2021, following the Al-Quds Sword, I am one of the people who can say that the deal of the century fell, ended, and faded. In the past, we always used to be careful, but now we can clearly say this. The resistance was imposed, the situation developed in Palestine, and the Zionists failed in the confrontation. The US administration should announce its modified position on Trump’s proposals. When the US administration declares that east Al-Quds is still a subject of negotiation and when it recommends, as the White House announced, that the “Israelis” not evacuate the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and claims that it demanded they deal with [the residents there] with respect means withdrawing in one way or another. This needs a legal evaluation, withdrawing the American recognition that united east and west Al-Quds is the eternal capital of “Israel”, and this is the essence of the deal of the century. The battle imposed this position on the Americans, who, of course, intervened not for humanitarian and moral reasons. Rather because of their priorities in the world, fear that the situation would escalate and the whole region would explode, and things would get out of control. This is the real background to the American intervention.

8 - The demise of the deal of the century and exposing once again the ugly face of “Israel”, the savage, criminal, child-killer, and massacre-perpetrator. There is also another that must always be presented to the world – “Israel’s” apartheid regime inside. This was also shown once again. It may be possible to control some media, but it is clear that controlling social media in the world is difficult, allowing this battle to reach the eyes, ears, and minds of many in the world. “Israel” may not be concerned with its image in the Arab world. It does not see an Arab world in the first place. But it is certainly concerned about how its image is seen by the world. Therefore, we find that even the European Union and many countries of the world were embarrassed in approaching the recent events in Palestine.

9- Finally, regarding the political results, re-compassing the conflict in the region. This is one of the most important political results. During decades, brothers and sisters, especially during this past decade, there was an attempt to occupy the region and create different and varied hostilities and sectarian wars. You can fight and do whatever you want just the important thing is stay away from the conflict and fighting with “Israel”. There is no problem devoting an enemy other than “Israel” to the Arabs, Muslims, and the nation, which is Iran and the Islamic Republic of Iran. there was even an official Arab, international, and regional effort to do so.

Today the battle of Al-Quds Sword has restored the compass – the enemy, O Arabs and Muslims, O Arab and Islamic world, O free people of the world, the enemy of humanity, truth, justice, and equality is “Israel”, the Zionist entity and the brutal and racist occupier that perpetrates massacres, and no one else.

This is very important. We will also quickly mention some military, field, and security results. We have very excellent results. We will talk about two parts concerning the results. The first part has to do with the Palestinian resistance and what it achieved, and the second part has to do with the failures of the “Israelis”. These are important to us, to the Palestinians, and to existing conflict.

But before that we must make a quick introduction to be fair. Here, we are not talking about two states. We are talking about a state the size of an entity and a second state the size of an entity. Both entered into a 12-day war. We are talking about an entity that is occupying Palestine and the Golan. It is a self-contained and a strong state, and we are talking about an army that is considered one of the strongest in the Middle East and has, without a doubt, the most powerful air force in the Middle East.

There is no discussion here. On the other hand, there is the Gaza Strip, which has been besieged for 15 years. The siege has effects on the Strip’s capabilities, the lives of the people and their suffering. It is 365 km2 compared to the occupation’s size. It contains more than two million people, who must be protected, on a flat area with no mountains and valleys.

We can assume that the “Israelis” have complete informational briefing and control from the air, sea, and land. On the other hand, the resistance might have gotten its weapon either by smuggling or purchasing them from inside occupied Palestine. Another part of its weapons is locally manufactured. In general, these missiles are mostly manufactured locally. We will take this into consideration.

 So, here we are not talking about two states or two large armies. We are talking about a besieged resistance and a besieged people in a 365-kilometer area, with this capabilities that we mentioned. However, with their will, faith, patience, wisdom, courage, loyalty, and God’s support for them first and foremost, they gave results. Meanwhile, what did one of the most powerful air force, armies, and countries in the region achieve? What are the failures?

The results are the following:

1- The Gaza Strip forcefully entering the equation of protecting the holy city and Al-Aqsa Mosque, especially the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. This neighborhood is part of the equation. And now, moving forward, the main test is for the resistance to solidify this equation while the enemy attempt to bring it down. This also means that the Gaza Strip has become part of the entire Palestinian equation again, and the isolation of Gaza from the entire cause, project, and conflict is over. It is no longer in the circle of self-defense, but rather the circle of attack and being part of the equation. This constitutes a great guarantee and development in the ongoing battle.

2- Despite the siege and its various forms on the Gaza Strip, the resistance showed a great development in its capabilities, performance, equipment, weapons – in quantity and quality – its military and material capabilities, especially missile and human capabilities. This development gave it the ability to work in the missile field. Look at the achievements. We understand this issue well because we have had similar experiences.

3- The ability to continue firing missiles for 11 days and declaring their ability to continue for months. The ability to continue firing missiles, regardless if it happened or not is another research. But the fact that they launched missiles is an achievement. This is a very excellent result despite the presence of drones, the air force, and hundreds of raids and ground bombardments on the border line with Gaza, etc.

Also, the ability to launch in pre-announced times. Some brothers even advised them not to specify times. But specifying times in that battle had moral dimensions. They were telling the enemy to be ready at 6:00 or at 9:00 because I want to strike. The resistance also launched large numbers of rockets, not 10, 20, 30, or 40, in the first batch and in simultaneous batches. Launching a great number of rockets is related to the ability to launch and the number of rockets.

Also, the quantity and quality of the missiles, the ranges, the arrival of the missiles – we will talk about this when we discuss the Iron Dome. Regarding the casualties, they cannot hide this.

Hence, there is a huge military achievement – continuing to launch rockets until the last moment, and the rockets that varied in sizes and ranges were fired with intensity and targeted places further from the Gaza envelope.

One of the most important military, security and field achievements is the paralysis of the entity, its security, and society. What is “Israel”? There are many countries that are old and real. Even if a difficult security situation or security incidents occur and civil wars break out, these states do not collapse. They remain. Take Lebanon, for example. It is still there despite the civil war. Similarly, other countries in the region that are also still suffering. However, an artificial state like “Israel” that is not a natural state depends on its security. Security is a condition for existence and not for perfection. This means that if it has no security, it cannot continue. But other countries are different in this respect. Security to the “Israeli” entity is a condition of existence. If security is no longer available, this state will collapse. 

Take a look at the statements of journalists, commentators, media professionals, politicians, Knesset members, and ordinary people. During the 11 days [of war], they tell you that we do not feel safe here. Our natural choice should be to return to the countries we came from. These people have European, American, and Australian citizenship. They have dual citizenship. When these people inside occupied Palestine feel that the economy will stop, they will lose their jobs, they won’t be able to go to the beach, and there is no security, the easiest thing for them to do is pack their bags and leave. This is a fundamental point. We, the people of the axis of resistance, must know it. The concept of ‘know thy enemy’ is for us to know the entity of the State of “Israel”. The Palestinian people are clinging to their land before the 1948 massacres. If the borders with occupied Palestine were opened, all the Palestinians would return to Palestine because their hearts are in Palestine and not in Lebanon. They are also ready to offer hundreds and thousands of martyrs on the way to Palestine.

The Lebanese people suffered in 1948. They resisted and fought, and we are still in the confrontation. We will not abandon our land, our villages, our fields, or our history, and as we have always said, we were born here, we live here, we will die here, we will be buried here, and on the Day of Resurrection, we will be resurrected from this land. We will not leave. Most of us do not have dual citizenship and our decision is to stay here.

The “Israelis” are not like this. They have dual nationalities. Their bags and passports are prepared. Security is the reason behind them leaving or staying in occupied Palestine. Security is what pushes him to stay in Palestine or pushes him to leave. That's why they said we have to go and what are we going to do here. There is no government to protect us. There is no leadership to protect us, no army to protect us, and no security services to protect us. What happened in 1948 caused severe terror among the Zionists in the entity.

This is a sudden and honest transformation. In all cases, the entity’s security has been paralyzed. It was one of the most important achievements of this battle and a very great one. Rather, it is an unprecedented achievement that did not happen in the July 2006 war in this way, nor in previous wars because Tel Aviv and its vicinity as well as Al-Quds were within range of the missiles. This is a development and a very great military and security achievement accomplished by the battle of Al-Quds Sword. When we look at Tel Aviv and its surroundings, the entire Gaza envelope, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Beersheba, and even near Dimona, many vital institutions such as Ben-Gurion Airport have been disrupted, many flights were canceled, and seventy percent of the “Israelis” during the 11 days were forced to go to shelters and safe rooms. Of course, not all of them at once. But in total, it was seventy percent. Before talking about the dead and the wounded, the most important are the psychological effects. Let us imagine that millions of Zionists lived 11 days under sirens. Now, sirens alone when it resounds in Tel Aviv, Al-Quds, in the center, and in Ashkelon is terrifying, whether the missile landed or not. It causes psychological collapses, and this has huge effects. Then, there are also human and economic losses. They talked about unimportant numbers.

4- Ending the image of a safe entity, even for those outside and those who want to invest in occupied Palestine. One of the goals for normalization is to bring in economic investments that are worth tens of billions of dollars to preserve this entity that has problems and support it. One of the goals of normalization is to transform the entity, that is, occupied Palestine, into a crossing point since the “Israelis” have ports and airports, and their borders are near. However, security is a condition for investments. 

5- The enemy imposed the confrontation on our people in the 1948 territories. The West Bank is basically in the circle of confrontation, but the 1948 territories and its entry into the confrontation was fundamental. For the first time, the “Israelis” felt endangered, and the structure of the entity was shaken. And I read a statement by the prime minister-designate in charge of forming the enemy’s government saying that this is an existential threat that you must address quickly. The entity’s president also spoke in a similar tone.

6- Among the military and field results are the excellent steadfastness in Gaza, the leadership and control, as well as a strong and cohesive front. The resistance and the people in Gaza were highly prepared to face any ground incursion or long battle. The world saw its men, women, and children express pride, honor, dignity, and infinite readiness to make sacrifices.

7- The resistance was truly able to present a historic and real victory for its people, its loved ones in the world, and all its enemies. This is just in brief. We did not go into the specialized aspect.

On the other hand, the following are the enemy's failures:
1- Failure to achieve any strategic achievement, that is, to make a shift in the course of the confrontation. Let Netanyahu or Kochavi show us the strategic achievement that “Israel” and its army achieved during the 11-day Al-Quds Sword battle. There is nothing.

2- “Israeli” officials are talking about tactical achievements. But frankly, these tactical achievements in the face of the Gaza Strip are not proportionate to the strength of the “Israeli” army, the strongest army in the region and the strongest air force in the region. What do tactical achievements mean? Demolishing towers, hitting some tunnels, killing some leaders? You do not need an army with the strength of the “Israeli” army or an air force with the strength of the “Israeli” air force to accomplish it.

They failed to prevent the launching of the missiles, while the resistance kept launching missiles and could have continued firing for months. This reflects intelligence failure and the failure of information. They did not know where the missiles were launched from. The missiles were launched with the time of the launch being stated. The drones and the air force went out, but the missiles continued to be launched. They also failed in preventing a large number of missiles from reaching the cities inhabited by “Israelis”. Here, comes the Iron Dome research, which needs a careful approach. Of course, the “Israelis” exaggerated. But there are people inside the entity, former military officials and commentators, who made assessments and said that the success of the dome was 53%, while officials said that the success of the dome was 90%. Even if we accept that the success of the dome was 90%, look at the number of housing units that were damaged and the number of injuries. Then take a look at the missiles that were able to get in. This means that the 90% is a lie. In any case, there is failure. 

But how much is this percentage? This needs a technical evaluation in the Iron Dome research. What confirms this failure is the promise requested by Netanyahu and made by Biden, who announced that the Americans want to help with the Iron Dome issue even if it was 90% successful as they said it was. Netanyahu should be proud of this, market it to the world, and sell it to the Americans. Thus, this is evidence of the permanent arrival of rockets to Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, Beersheba, Ashdod, the Gaza envelope and others and the number of casualties in homes and facilities. This is evidence of the constant arrival of rockets to Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, Beersheba, Ashdod and others, and the Gaza envelope as well as the number of casualties in homes and facilities.

The failure to deceive the Palestinian resistance and dragging it into a qualitative trap that they call the Hamas metro which they have been preparing for three years. They tried to implement it in this battle. But the awareness of the resistance, its vigilance, and wisdom prevented it from falling into this trap, and the “Israelis” were betting on a qualitative military achievement of this kind.

The failure to undermine the real missile stockpile that have not been fired yet. They failed to destroy their stockpiles and their location.

The failure to locate front-row leaders and consequently the failure to assassinate them. They identified a list of names, including the name of brother, leader, and mujahid, dear brother Abu Khaled Muhammad Al-Deif. All the leaders admitted that the reason they extended the operation is possibility of being able to kill this leader, and this failed. As for some of the leaders who were killed, it is normal for leaders to be martyred because they are in the field. Meanwhile, some leaders were killed. It is natural for some leaders to be martyred because they are in the battlefield.

The failure to estimate the resistance’s capabilities and the level of its readiness. The “Israelis” admitted. But as I mentioned at the beginning of the speech that the most important thing is the failure to estimate the response of Gaza, the resistance in Gaza, and the leadership of the resistance in Gaza – the political and military – regarding the Jarrah neighborhood and Al-Aqsa.

The failure to estimate the actions of the Palestinians in the 1948 territories. The police commissioner said that this was not considered and that the “Israeli” security services were supposed to be pervasive, present, and has control over the 1948 territories. They were surprised by the people’s reaction. But one of the most important manifestations of failure is confusion. “Israel” entered this battle shocked, surprised, confused, and had no plan or vision. 

And the question here is for Kochavi, the “Israeli” army’s Chief of Staff who spent the last three years theorizing and engaging in drills. He was even called the philosopher, and one of his theories in which he inferred the “Israeli” failure during the past three years. He worked on reviving the ground forces. He focused on ground maneuvers and always said that victory will not be achieved without ground operation. The ground operation is part of the victory that he must achieve. 

To this philosopher, who has a strategic vision, your strategy, philosophy, preparations, and maneuvers are all in vain in front of besieged Gaza, 365 km2, and the locally manufactured missiles. Isn’t this the truth? The most important thing in this failure is that there is no ground operation. I am not saying that the “Israeli” army is incapable of carrying out a ground operation. I am not claiming that, and I am not saying that it has become weakened to the point that it cannot carry out a ground operation. What I am saying is that the morale of the “Israeli” army and its leadership fear and is terrified of a ground operation – be it in Gaza, Lebanon, or elsewhere. The 2014 Gaza war is a fresh reminder – they still don’t know the fate of the soldiers whether they were dead or alive. The strongest army in the region is terrified and afraid. This is a strategic failure and not a regular one. 

And finally, failing to present victory. They could not. They cannot even convince the “Israeli” public that they have won. You can go back to all the opinion polls. There is no opinion poll. The highest percentage that I saw in opinion polls were 15% or 20%. You can find some people among the “Israeli” public that think that “Israel” has won. As for the rest, no. They don’t believe that “Israel” was able to present victory. Anyway, the research is relevant. We will leave a few minutes to talk about Lebanon. 

This is with regard to the Al-Quds Sword battle. Its political, moral, psychological, and cultural results as well as its military and security results must be taken as a basis in the continuation of this confrontation and battle.

Going back to Lebanon and to the occasion we are marking, I will talk quickly about several points. I won't take too long.

1- On the Resistance and Liberation Day, I would like to assure the Lebanese people, all the people in the region, and our loved ones and friends that the Lebanese resistance is at its peak. There hasn’t been a day when the resistance in Lebanon was as strong as it is today – in numbers, experience, equipment, equipment, capabilities (quantity and quality), readiness, preparation, faith, confidence, courage, and morale. This is the first point. This is 21 years after the liberation of the south.

2- I tell the “Israelis” to benefit from what was stated at the beginning of the speech and not be foolish and arrogant. Therefore, do not make wrong estimations and mistakes with regards to Lebanon. Lebanon is governed by the equations created by the resistance and the golden equation – the army, the people, the resistance. The rules of engagement and the equations of the conflict are in place. 

As we wait for the major “Israeli” exercises, I will repeat on Resistance and Liberation Day what I said on Al-Quds Day. These equations have been solidified with great sacrifices before and after 2000 and in 2006. Therefore, we are very keen on them. So, do not misevaluate. Do not misevaluate in Lebanon the way you did in Gaza. Here, we have a different situation. It is true that we have American sanctions on the country, but it’s land, airspace, and sea are not besieged. Do not say that people’s living situation is difficult and that there is an internal situation. This is all true. But this does not and will not affect at all when the equation is to preserve Lebanon's security, stability, sovereignty, dignity, the security of the Lebanese people, and the security of every inch of Lebanese territory. This is something that cannot be tolerated.

3- Today, the resistance bases its strength supporting environment that they were unable to touch despite everything that happened in Lebanon and despite the existing difficult living conditions and the ones that will come. We will all manage our affairs, but they must despair of the possibility of harming the will of the environment of resistance. The resistance in Lebanon is a strong position today, even when it’s based on the official positions – whether it is the Presidency with His Excellency President Michel Aoun defending Lebanon and insists on obtaining Lebanon's full rights to water, gas, oil, etc. He constantly expresses his clear position regarding the resistance, and this is one of the reasons why some countries admonish him. So, this is the official position of the Lebanese president. There is also the position of the parliament speaker. Of course, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri is basically a partner in the resistance. There is also the position of the current prime minister of the caretaker government. In addition, there is the official statement that the government is committed to. This means that the official position is still a strong and coherent, regardless of some dissenting, opposing, and well-known voices in the country.

4- Regarding the account between us and the enemy, we must add the recent incident with our martyr to our old account. I call him the Damascene martyr, our Damascene martyr Ali Kamel Mohsen, may God have mercy on him. We must add to this account the blood of the martyr Muhammad Tahan, the martyr on the road to Al-Quds. This martyr expressed the mood of this generation of Lebanon’s youth. For those who think that the resistance is an old generation, this is the real generation.

This generation that is ready to breach the border, uproot the wall, cut the barbed wire, and enter unarmed. This generation is an ardent believer and yearns for Al-Quds. Martyr Mohammad Tahan belonged to this generation. I once again extend my condolences to his honorable family, one by one and congratulate them on the blessed martyrdom of our brother and son of Hezbollah, martyr Mohammad Tahan. I tell the “Israelis” that we have been patient over the spilling of this blood. We have not forgotten it and will never do. This blood will be added to the tab.

5- The final point is regarding the internal situation, then I will conclude. Regarding the internal affairs, the key for everything happening in Lebanon is to form a new government. There are slogans stating that the way out of the current crisis is the resignation of the President of the Republic. Of course, this is not a way out and is not correct. His Excellency, the President is present and may God prolong his life. He will continue until the last moment, God willing. Some, for example, are proposing that the prime minister-designate abandons his mandate to form a government. It is also clear that the prime minister-designate is adhering to this mandate, and this is also one of the results of the last session in the House of Representatives. May God make his job easier and be able to form a government. Others are suggesting both resign simultaneously – that is, the President resigns, then Prime minister Saad Hariri resigns from being prime minister-designate. This political discourse is also a waste of time.
The only realistic thing for the Lebanese people today is for the prime minister-designate to cooperate with the President and form a government.

We have two path and no third. After all these months, in fact, there is no other path than these two. Now, you want to wait for countries abroad. There is no prospect for this issue. I also support what was said that the problem is a purely internal problem. Now some will tell you that the Americans will use the veto. There is no such thing.

There are two ways. The first way is that the prime minister-designate meet with His Excellency the President and not sit for not 10 minutes, half an hour, or two hours. They must sit for an hour, two hours, three, four, and five. They must discuss for a second and third day until they reach a result. And I tell them the country today is in your hands. The responsibility is with you because you are responsible for forming the new government. 

The second way is help from a friend. In my opinion, the only friend who is able to take the initiative and provide assistance in light of the current Lebanese political reality – the relationship of some people and their vision may vary, negatively or positively – is Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, considering his position as the parliament speaker as well as his political status in the country and his personal experience.

We, Hezbollah, will help. We are ready to help the parliament speaker, and I call on everyone to help him. Of course, he does not need an invitation to initiate, as he always takes the initiative and has not abandoned the initiative.

But my invitation tonight is to say that we have two ways; either Prime Minister Saad Hariri goes to Baabda and sits with His Excellency President Michel Aoun for an hour, two hours, a day, two days, and three days and save the country and us, or everyone asks Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri to his best, even if I was at the expense of risking his personal security, to go to President Aoun or do something. 

But today, there is no third way. The third way is for the country to wait while we have problems with subsidies, raising subsidies, rationalizing subsidies, the social situation, the living situation, fuel, food, bread, medicine, etc. How long can we wait? How long can the country endure?

I conclude with the last paragraph. I will conclude in light of what happened in the past few days, weeks, months, and years. The most important thing today is related to the situation in the region, which has to do with the situation of the axis.

The axis – even if I talked about this on Quds Day, but I want to conclude in a few words – was able to, at this moment, weather the ten most difficult years in its existence. There were conspiracies targeting the existence of states, regimes, resistance movements. We weathered this.

The point I want to make is that the steadfastness of the axis of resistance in the different countries is the main supporter of the resistance in Palestine. It is the protector and the main lever for the resistance and victory in Palestine. Imagine that the battle took place and the regime in the Islamic Republic of Iran did not exist, as John Bolton wanted. Instead, there was a regime loyal to America and the West. Meanwhile, Daesh was in Iraq, while in Syria there was Daesh, the Nusra Front, the takfiris, and some purely secular parties that pledged allegiance to “Israel”. This as the fate of Lebanon would not be known since Syria was controlled by Daesh, the Nusra, and the takfiris. In any case, the fate of Lebanon is known. It meant that the cost would be high, and the consequences would be dangerous.

Today, we find that, at the present moment, the Islamic Republic has overcome the threat of war, the sanctions, and the embargo. It is in a strong, solid, and stable position, and is heading toward presidential elections. Daesh in Iraq is grasping its last breath. 

I must point out to the interaction with the Al-Quds Sword battle that took in the new, great, and important Iraq, and this is a very important matter. Many people, our friends and foes, must stop at the statement issued by the religious authority, His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Al-Sistani, on the first day, the positions of the Iraqi leaders and parties, and the protests in Baghdad and other places. All of this is an important indicator of the transformation.

A large part of Syria’s geographical area is recovering, and it will undergo its elections to confirm its political presence and prove its state, its systems, and its entity.

The steadfastness and stability that exists in Lebanon despite the suffering in the economic, financial, and living dimension, in light of Arab defeat and normalization. How would the people of Palestine be if Iran did not exist, Iraq is in another world, Syria is in the hands of Daesh and the takfiris, and Lebanon is in the hands of Daesh and the takfiris, and in light of Arab defeat and normalization? This constitutes the lever.

Of course, the situation today is better because there are qualitative additions – a very large supporter base being renewed. This base supports the resistance, the choice of resistance, the culture of resistance, and the Palestinian people. They are in Arab and Islamic countries, other countries in the world, from North Africa to Nigeria to other African countries, from Bahrain to Kuwait and other countries in the Gulf, from Afghanistan to Pakistan, from Indonesia, to Malaysia. Throughout the Arab and Islamic world as well as the world, there is a religiously diverse support base, meaning Muslims, Christians, and even Jews. This base is diverse ideologically, politically, nationally, and ethnically. They all support this choice and this culture.

The biggest qualitative addition to the axis of resistance was Yemen. In fact, the interaction of our Yemeni brothers causes the eyes to tear up. When I was listening to His Eminence Sayyed Abdul Malik say that we want to share bread with the Palestinian people, I was emotionally affected. I tell him, O Sayyed, you are besieged, but you still have bread to share with the Palestinian people, while many Arabs and Muslims have hundreds of billions of dollars in their personal funds, and their tables are still filled with delicious food that could feed entire peoples.

In any case, the Yemeni interaction – be it via the media, on the field, or by the people – is wonderful. This is a great force that has been added to the axis of resistance.

Anyway, this is the foundation on which we can build the future. We are looking to the future based on what happened in the past few weeks. We rightly see and not from the position of the slogan that Al-Quds is closer, the demise of the “Israeli” entity is closer, or that time is beginning to shorten towards this future. It is a matter of time. With all these celebrations, God willing, we see the coming celebrations be for freedom, liberation, sovereignty, independence, security, and true peace, not a false peace, the peace of wolves and hyenas. Hopefully, it would be the peace of the lions, the peace of the dignified, and the peace of the capable. We hope to see the good and dignified life that all the honorable resistance fighters will create in our region. 

As did the leaders of Hamas, the leaders of the Islamic Jihad, and the leaders of the Palestinian resistance factions did, from my position in the Lebanese resistance, I must thank all those who stood by the resistance and supported it during all the past years, be it in politics, money, weapons, experience, and training. They were not stingy with anything and even risked their presence. Foremost among them is the Islamic Republic of Iran and His Eminence the Leader, Sayyid Khamenei. We must strongly, respectfully, reverently, and with appreciation invoke the great spirit of the great leader, martyr Hajj Qassem Soleimani. He came to our region with no grey hair in his beard and head. He left us with grey hair and a bright face. For twenty years, this martyr commander spent his youth with us and with the Palestinian resistance. Away from any form of bragging and outbidding, his enthusiasm was greater than ours, his determination was greater than our resolve, and his seriousness was greater than ours. We got tired, but he did not get tired and weary and never got bored. We remember him today to also offer to his great spirit these great victories.

Many Happy Returns. May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.