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A Unified Palestine, the Occupier’s Greatest Defeat

A Unified Palestine, the Occupier’s Greatest Defeat
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By Faisal al-Ashmar

The Zionist enemy worked for decades to separate the West Bank from Gaza, and when it withdrew from Gaza in 2005, it thought that it had given the Palestinians freedom and the territory that would make them forget about the rest of the occupied Palestinian cities. Since in Gaza, they can form a State they want, they can exercise whatever sovereignty they want, and may God protect the Gazans from fighting.

While in the West Bank, Palestinians have a State and authority, a Government and a flag, and it is okay to exercise all means to create disputes between the West Bank and Gaza, so the more the Palestinians are divided, the better and more beneficial it is.

Throughout the military confrontations between the Palestinians and the enemy, the battlefield was only in Gaza and the surrounding Zionist settlements, and the enemy has always been the initiator of the war, under or without a pretext, and Gaza has been defending itself by its men and weapons.

In the recent confrontation in which hostilities ceased at dawn on Friday, Gaza crossed into all of Palestine, and it was the first time when Palestinians decides to start the fight. The first missiles launched from Gaza were a gift from the Gazans to their Maqdessis, who celebrated watching them fill their sky as if they were carrying Gaza's longing for al-Quds and Gaza's decisive decision that the resistance is for all Palestine and that the men of Gaza were ready to start a war - for the first time - for the sake of al-Quds and its people.

We also saw the people of the occupied Palestinian cities and villages since 1948, rising up a major intifada, striking the biggest strikes, linking between East Palestine [the West Bank] and West Palestine [Gaza] indifferent to the enemy's arms and threats, participating in the confrontation and the war in their own way and as far as they can, and confirming once again, to the enemy and the entire world, that they are Palestinians above all and Palestinians after all.

It is true that it was the enemy’s military defeat, but the greatest defeat was by this great Palestinian unity, and by the strong interdependence of all members of the unified Palestine. So if the enemy attacks even a small member such as the Sheikh Jarrah's neighborhood, the rest will be there for it with jihad and resistance.