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Third of “Israelis” Have No Bomb Shelters

Third of “Israelis” Have No Bomb Shelters
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By Staff, Agencies 

“Israel” invests billions of dollars in security, but the construction of bomb shelters doesn't appear to be on top of the Zionist entity’s agenda, and reports suggest that a third of Tel Aviv’s settlers lacks basic protection from missiles.

Yariv Sandalon, a former “Israeli” officer who currently serves as the Director of Security and Emergency Services in ‘Petah Tikva’ said settlers casualties can be avoided if the population adheres to the strict measures of the Home Front Command.

One of the most important rules the military advocates for is the need to look for a protected area, ideally a bomb shelter, or a special secure room inside a house.

Petah Tikva, as well as other surrounding settlements, including Tel Aviv, have a minute and a half to reach a secure area before rockets from Gaza hit the area.

"Twenty-five percent of Petah Tikva's 270,000 residents don't have proper protection and that means that people need to find shelter on staircases or deep inside their houses, [where missiles can do less damage]".

Petah Tikva is not the only settlement in the “Israeli” entity experiencing such a shortage. According to reports, a third of “Israel’s” nine million people do not have access to bomb shelters. 

Sandalon confirmed the reason for this dire situation is the lack of funding, as the construction of bomb shelters requires millions of dollars that the municipalities just don't have.

Interestingly enough, “Israel's” military budget for 2021 is roughly $22 billion. Not much is spent on the construction of bomb shelters and Sandalon says the security apparatus has its own priorities.

“Much money goes to the communities surrounding the Gaza Strip and those located up in the north that face the threat of Hezbollah. Cities in the center are more protected and thus require less spending.”