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“Israeli” Writer Warns: We’ve Exhausted Our Target Bank

“Israeli” Writer Warns: We’ve Exhausted Our Target Bank
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By Staff

A writer for the “Israel” Defense portal Ami Rojkes Dombe thinks that the current round of fighting between Tel Aviv and the Palestinian resistance has come to an end.

According to Dombe, the “Israeli” entity has exhausted its bank of targets.

“About 60 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip between 7:00 p.m. last night and 7:00 a.m.,” he mentioned, noting that “After a week of fighting, the current round of clashes seems to have come to an end.”

He further mentioned: “‘Israel’ has exhausted its target bank [although the army claims that there are many more].”

“Despite this, many of the targets bombed in the past two days included homes of Hamas figures. Apparently, the ‘Israeli’ army’s goal is hitting certain figures rather than operational infrastructure.”

In parallel, Dombe wrote: “Israeli” officials claim that the army severely damaged Hamas' underground infrastructure and its rocket launching capabilities. Ostensibly, things are like “honey”. However, previous rounds of fighting in Gaza have shown the “Israeli” public that there is a gap between the words of the “Israeli” army spokesperson, which are filed with pride, and the reality on the ground.

“In this conflict, Hamas displayed amazing capabilities for a ‘terrorist’ organization operating in a small space closed off from three directions. According to the “Israeli” army, the organization fired about 3,100 rockets during seven days of fighting. Roughly speaking, this is about 443 rockets on average per day or about 18 rockets every hour,” he added.

Meanwhile, the writer mentioned: “Hamas also increased the range of the rockets to 250 kilometers. In other words, the organization can hit almost any target in “Israel” from the Lebanese border to Eilat – by launching from Gaza.”

In this context, he underscored: “Hamas also unveiled offensive drones, explosive gliders, suicide submarines, and anti-tank squadrons. This in addition to its "soft" tools - demonstrations along the border and incendiary and explosive balloons. If the “Israeli” army had entered Gaza by land, we would probably have seen some more technological developments courtesy of Iran and Hezbollah.”

“The issue with Hamas relates to the group’s capabilities that aren’t bad at all,” Dombe stated.

The “Israeli” analyst concluded: “On the other hand, a careful reader, who looks at the history of the rounds of conflict in Gaza, will assume otherwise. According to estimates by former security officials, it will take Hamas between one to three years of calm, not longer, to prepare new human capital, fill reserves, and prepare itself for the next round of fighting with the ‘Israeli’ army.”