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Palestinian Resistance Missiles Force 6 Million ‘Israeli’ Settlers to Remain in Shelters

Palestinian Resistance Missiles Force 6 Million ‘Israeli’ Settlers to Remain in Shelters
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By Staff

As the ‘Israeli’ war on Gaza enters its second week, the Palestinian resistance managed to reciprocate its responses, while forcing six million ‘Israeli’ settlers to remain hiding inside shelters.

The pace in which the Palestinian resistance was launching its missiles towards the occupied territories traumatized the ‘Israeli’ occupation entity, and aborted the Zionist attempts to break the Palestinian people’s will of pressurize its resistance factions.

Since day one, the Palestinian resistance started shelling the ‘Israeli’ depth using different types of missiles, establishing new rules to the war of the occupation entity. With the continued ‘Israeli’ bombardment and massacres targeting unarmed civilians, the Palestinian resistance’s retaliation was depicted through launching hundreds of missiles towards the occupied territories, with an escalating pace every time the ‘Israeli’ shelling of the besieged Gaza Strip intensifies.

Meanwhile, Hamas’ military wing said it has fired rockets at the Ashkelon and Beer Sheva areas after the deadliest night of Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip since the beginning of relentless attacks on the besieged enclave last Monday.

In a statement early Monday morning, the Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades announced that it targeted areas in the southern ‘Israeli’-occupied territories with rockets in response to the Israeli regime’s continued onslaught against Palestinians in Gaza.

For its part, ‘Israeli’ media reported rocket warning sirens in the Ashkelon area as well as in communities surrounding Gaza and in Netivot following the Hamas rocket attack.

Warning sirens were also heard in the southern occupied city of Beer Sheva and several nearby communities.

Reuters reported that the ‘Israeli’ aerial bombardment against Gaza on Sunday involved more than 100 strikes.

According to the AP, explosions rocked the city from north to south for ten minutes, lasting longer and targeting a wider area than previous air raids.

Additionally, ‘Israel’ pounded security buildings and roads leading to hospitals in Gaza on Sunday, a day after the Tel Aviv regime targeted a tower that housed offices of news agencies, such as the AP and al-Jazeera.

Meanwhile, the ‘Israeli’ bank of Palestinian targets in Gaza was entirely hit in the first week of the battle, prompting the futile Zionist efforts towards civilian ones.

Hebrew sources, relatively, estimate that more than 3000 missiles have been launched from Gaza so far, paralyzing the lives of six million ‘Israeli’ settlers, and forcing them to remain in hideouts while not being able to flee the occupation entity after its airports were also put out of service after being targeted by the Palestinian missiles.

With the commencement of the holy month of Ramadan, confrontations erupted in the occupied West Bank after ‘Israeli’ occupation forces and settlers harassed Palestinian worshipers at al-Aqsa Mosque and elsewhere. The regime’s military also tried to force Palestinians out of their homes in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood to build more illegal settlements.