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‘Israel’ Admits Defeat After ‘Highest Ever Rate’ Of Palestinian Missiles Targets the Occupied Territories

‘Israel’ Admits Defeat After ‘Highest Ever Rate’ Of Palestinian Missiles Targets the Occupied Territories
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By Staff, Agencies

A top Zionist general admitted to the rising missile power of the Palestinian resistance groups, saying the ‘Israeli’ occupation regime is now faced with “the highest ever rate of rocket attacks” in the midst of its latest onslaught on the besieged Gaza Strip.

In a press conference on Sunday, Major General Ori Gordin said Palestinian resistance groups based in Gaza had fired around 3,000 rockets toward the occupied territories over the past several days, surpassing the pace seen during an escalation in 2019 and the 2006 war with Lebanon's Hezbollah.

Retaliatory rockets launched by Hamas and Islamic Jihad against ‘Israeli’ targets come in response to the criminal regime’s relentless airstrikes on the densely-populated enclave.

According to Palestine’s health ministry, 188 Palestinians, including 55 children and 33 women, have so far been killed and 1230 others injured in Gaza in the latest round of aggression by the Zionist regime that began on Monday.

Gordin, who is commander of the ‘Israeli’ regime's internal front, displayed a graphic that showed some 570 rockets had been fired from Gaza toward Zionist targets over three days of stand-off between the ‘Israeli’ occupation forces and Islamic Jihad in November 2019.

The Zionist commander also said that in the 2006 war with Hezbollah, a total of 4,500 rockets had been launched against ‘Israeli’ targets over the course of 19 days.

When asked whether the latest conflict has seen the highest rate of rockets being launched against ‘Israeli’-occupied territories, Gordin said, “Not only do I agree, this is what I present.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with ‘Israeli’ Channel 12 on Saturday evening, Avigdor Liberman, the regime’s former war minister, harshly criticized Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the way the current conflict with Palestinian resistance groups, particularly Hamas, has been playing out.

Liberman, who was Netanyahu’s former ally, called on ‘Israelis’ to ask themselves the question, “If this is our situation against Hamas, what will our position against Hezbollah and Iran look like?”

“Netanyahu endangers our existence and leads us to destruction,” he stressed.

Pointing to the Zionist entity’s weakness in the face of the Palestinian resistance groups, Liberman said “the Arab world is watching us and will say what ‘Israel’s’ position will be like against Hezbollah and Iran if its position against Hamas is like the way we see now.”

“Hamas for the first time created an internal front against us inside ‘Israel.’ Hamas has taken control of the Palestinian streets. The winner of this operation is Hamas,” he further noted.