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“Israel” Losing Control, Warns of Existential Threat

“Israel” Losing Control, Warns of Existential Threat
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By Staff- Agencies

“Israel’s” political leaders that the continuous protests inside the 1948 Occupied Lands pose a bigger threat than the escalating military conflict with Gaza.

In this context, the Zionist entity’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, visited the town of Lod, in a failing attempt to diffuse tension.

 “We have no bigger threat now than these pogroms, and we have no choice but to restore law and order via determined use of force,” he said. In an earlier statement he said the entity was fighting a battle “on two fronts”.

For his part, “Israel’s” president, Reuven Rivlin, said “a civil war [would] be a danger to our existence, more than all the dangers we have from the outside.”

More than 400 people have been arrested, and “Israeli” border police have been redeployed from the occupied West Bank to towns inside “Israel”. “We’re in an emergency, the war minister, Benny Gantz, said in a statement.

The opposition leader, Yair Lapid, said there had been a “complete loss of control”. He accused Netanyahu of “leading us to anarchy”.

Lod was closed off from Thursday afternoon, and an overnight curfew imposed. Netanyahu said people involved in clashes could be indefinitely detained without charge, a practice known as administrative detention.