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Maariv: The Resistance’s Rockets Shuffle ‘Israel’s’ Cards

Maariv: The Resistance’s Rockets Shuffle ‘Israel’s’ Cards
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By Staff

Last night, the rockets of the Palestinian resistance shuffled the Israeli deck and drew the Zionist enemy into a large-scale operation in the Gaza Strip. Before the heavy raids targeting Gush Dan and areas further north, the entity was satisfied with one operation for several days, but things changed in an instant.

According to the Hebrew newspaper Maariv, the “Israeli” entity "is not interested in a ground operation. During discussions that took place in recent days between the military and political establishments, the occupation army presented a position – striking the operational capabilities of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad from afar. But the reality on the ground may pave the way for a different situation."

"The operation began with a very high intensity, after rockets were fired at occupied Al-Quds, which is unprecedented and has not been seen during previous rounds of escalation," the newspaper added.

The paper goes on to assert that "Hamas, which abandoned the stage of testing the pulse when it launched its missiles at Al-Quds, confirmed its willingness to take greater risks, while Tel Aviv does not see that the current confrontation will lead to a conclusion, and it cannot allow an additional operation without substantial achievements.”

Maariv stressed that "the army must end this round with a clear result by increasing the intensity of attacks in Gaza, which means a higher number of the dead. Meanwhile, Hamas will work to increase the level of rocket fire and the extent of the injuries."

“Difficult and complicated days are ahead of us, as it will be forbidden for “Israel” to blink."

The paper added that during "the fighting yesterday, the army had a lot of operational achievements, but Hamas is still far from giving up."

It concluded by saying that "despite the rapid escalation, attempts to reach a ceasefire will, at least, take place at this stage, especially since ‘Israel’ cannot allow itself to enter such a matter.”