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Bahrainis Mark Quds Day Rallies, Burn ‘Israeli’, American Flags

Bahrainis Mark Quds Day Rallies, Burn ‘Israeli’, American Flags
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By Staff

Different Bahraini areas, including the capital Manama, have witnessed massive rallies in commemoration of the International Quds Day.

The rallies were held in response to the Bahraini opposition groups to mark the occasion designated decades ago by late founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini, to be a day of united support to the Palestinian cause against the ‘Israeli’ occupation.

This year, the event happens to take place amid a fierce Zionist attack against Palestine and the occupied holy city of al-Quds.

Bahrainis took part in the marches during which they raised Palestinian and Bahraini flags, while they set ablaze the ‘Israeli’ and American flags, chanting “Death to America,” and “Death to ‘Israel’.”

The participants reiterated that the Bahraini people will stand up firmly against the regime’s official normalization processes with the ‘Israeli’ occupation entity. They also attacked the regime of Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa who chose the track of normalization with the ‘Israeli’ entity.

Protesters reaffirmed that “the Bahraini people see the track of normalization is a one which is doomed to fail.”

“Normalization conspiracies are the most dangerous conspiracies against the nation’s presence and sanctities,” they outlined.

Rallies were held in different areas across Bahrain, namely in Manama, Nuweiderat, Sanabis, Shakhoura and Abu Saibah.