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Yemenis Mark International Quds Day En Masse, Reiterate Unwavering Support for Palestinians, Al-Quds

Yemenis Mark International Quds Day En Masse, Reiterate Unwavering Support for Palestinians, Al-Quds
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By Yehya Salahuddin

Sanaa - Millions of Yemenis took to the streets of the capital Sanaa, as well as many other provinces such as Saada and Dhamar in response to Imam Khomeini’s everlasting call to commemorate the International Quds Day which falls ever year on the last Friday of the month of Ramadan.

The masses that poured in the Yemeni streets turned all Zionist dreams to remain in al-Quds and Palestine into illusions, in which their occupation and colonial schemes are collapsing as they won’t be allowed to stay neither in al-Quds, nor Palestine, nor any inch of the Arab soil.

The enemy is more and more besieged by the peoples of the countries forming the Axis of Resistance. Those peoples rallied on Friday in support of Palestine, with its capital of al-Quds, which will always remain an Arab land. The entire crowds are eager to battle the Zionist forces and defeat them with the braveness of Yemen’s Ansarullah revolutionaries, to defend the sanctities and the nations, and protect the peoples.

In Sanaa, and other Yemeni provinces, participants raised slogans related to the occasion, flags of Yemen and Palestine, and banners that denounce the Zionist occupation and the usurper enemy’s entity, as well as banners in protest against the US policy in the region.

Some of the banners read “al-Quds is closer,” “International al-Quds Day,” “Normalization is betrayal,” “Yemen to prevail,” and “The US is killing Yemeni people” …

Protesters also chanted anti-‘Israel’ and anti-America slogans, among which they said “Death to America,” and “Death to ‘Israel’”.

In the same respect, Leader of the Ansarullah revolutionary movement Sayyed Abdul Malik Badreddine al-Houthi stressed in his Quds Day speech that late Imam Khomeini marked the importance of this occasion as a day of awakening for the Muslim peoples to keep their anti-‘Israel’ sentiment alive.

Sayyed al-Houthi further underscored that the battle with the enemy is inclusive in all fields.

Meanwhile, several speeches were delivered during the event in which all focused on the fact that the International Quds Day is a day of Muslim unity and that the issue of liberating Palestine will remain the Arab and Muslims’ first and central cause.

“With great awareness, we know that it is our duty to liberate al-Quds and support Islam, in addition to drawing attention to confronting the enemy’s entity, and affirming that Sanaa, the capital of steadfastness will help liberate al-Aqsa Mosque,” Abdul Hamid, a participant, told al-Ahed correspondent.

Remarkable was the females’ huge participation in which the organizing committee set wide specified areas for women participating in the rallies.

Additionally, Arab and Muslim communities in Sanaa took a prominent part in the event.

Head of Sudanese community in Sanaa said “The International Quds Day is a day of Islamic Unity; we are one nation and one body and we could never leave our Palestinian brothers without supporting them to liberate their lands, especially al-Quds.”

At the end of the event, all participants emphasized that Palestine will remain the Arab and Muslims’ first and central cause, highlighting the necessity to liberate al-Quds from the usurping Zionist regime as they confront the US scheme and America’s agents in the region.