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Yemenis Preparing for Quds Day: We Fought for It, And It Will Forever Be Our Case

Yemenis Preparing for Quds Day: We Fought for It, And It Will Forever Be Our Case
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By Sarra Jamal Al-Shahari

Yemen - On the day that unites all countries in the Axis of Resistance, in the seventh year of the Saudi American aggression, Yemenis are at the forefront of Quds Day celebration and are flocking to go out for the great holy marches.

The organizing committee of the Quds Day march set the central rally squares in the capital Sanaa and other free governorates. It invited people to honorably participate in this important occasion, as part of a wide-ranging field and media work, to celebrate this watershed day in the present and future of the Islamic and Arab nation. "Quds Day is an important occasion to revive the nation, stimulate motivation, and raise awareness and sense of responsibility towards the central issue of the nation," as the Ansarullah Leader Sayyed Abdul Malik Badrddine al-Houthi pointed out to the effectiveness of the ‘unified platform.’

Just before the occasion, the Yemeni streets got replete with activities and both communal and formal cultural programs, so that Al-Ansar people affirm, with this Yemeni faith momentum, that Palestine will remain their central issue.

In an exclusive interview with “Al-Ahed news”, Mr. Hassan Abdel-Rahman al-Hamran, head of the Palestinian file for the Ansarullah movement and head of the Palestine Organization, discussed the readiness and the preparation for this occasion, “Today we will celebrate Quds day with various marches and events that are rarely witnessed in the Islamic world. This year we will have great marches, in God’s will, in a number of governorates of the Republic, a behavior known by these faithful and wise people. "

Unified path and struggle… Yemen meets Palestine

The last Friday of Ramadan is the big day for the Yemenis to prove to the world that if anyone fights them for Palestine, they will not abandon it, and that's what sane people won’t deny.

On this occasion 19 years ago, the martyr leader Hussein Badreddine al-Houthi directed his Quranic enlightenment project compass towards the holy al-Quds, so that the Yemeni people would fight with the Palestinian people from then till today in one battle, and against the same enemy.

If you ask a Yemeni martyr’s mother, to whom she lost the apple of her eye, she would answer in the sake of God and al-Aqsa. As Sayyed al-Houthi said in the event of the unified platform, “The position of our people in support of Palestine is based on the principles of faith and religious and human values and it cannot be abandoned or undone.”

Seven years of aggression, as horrible as they were, have not make these faithful people forget their main cause, as they affirm in every popular or official forum and on every occasion their adherence, advocacy and support for the Palestinian people and the resistance in various areas.

In the same vein, the head of the Palestine Organization and the head of the Palestinian file of Ansarullah, pointed out that "We are with the Palestinian people by all means, and we will not hesitate to stand by their side in all ways and methods. Our position is based on a religious duty and a high sense of responsibility, unity and complete harmony between the leadership and the people."

"There is constant communication and work with the Palestinian factional brothers, without exception," he affirmed.

Ansarullah is active in various programs and contexts supporting the Palestinian file "currently focused on political and charitable work depending on the available potentials."

A pained Yemen gives Palestine hope

Despite the difficult situation in Yemen caused by the siege of the suffocating Alliance of Aggression, the Yemenis insisted in sharing their livelihood, even though they share a bad condition with their brothers in Palestine. During the month of Ramadan, the Yemen people gave the Palestinians simple food baskets filled with deep meaning.

In the same context, al-Hamran pointed out that "the food baskets are one of the activities carried out by the Palestinian file for Ansarullah and the Yemen Palestine Organization affiliated with the file, the last of which was the modest Ramadan food basket for our brothers in Gaza. It was preceded by food baskets for the Palestinian community residing in Yemen, a gift from the Leader Abdul Malik Badreddine al-Houthi, may God protect him, from the Bunyan Development Foundation, and other baskets financed by the Palestinian file of Ansarullah. "

In the same vein, the Palestinian file of Ansarullah is moving towards the establishment of health and rehabilitation projects to enable the Palestinian community in Yemen to overcome the effects of the aggression, for which many Palestinian families have lost their power "according to al-Hamran.

Al-Hamran concluded, "We aspire to have larger and wider activities and programs to support Palestine in various fields."

Arab puppet regimes rush to normalize relations with the Zionist entity and to sell the nation's causes, while Yemen strives, fights, sacrifices, struggles, martyrs and lives for the sake of Palestine.