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Global Covid-19 Cases Above 150 Million

Global Covid-19 Cases Above 150 Million
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By Staff, Agencies

More than 150 million cases of Covid-19 have been identified worldwide, while the number of new daily infections is currently reaching levels not seen since the start of the pandemic, according to an AFP count from official reports on Friday at 4:20 am GMT.

At least 150,337,583 cases have been officially declared since the discovery of the virus in China in December 2019.

The number also includes nearly 6 million in one week, a figure pulled up by the explosion in the number of contaminations in India, where 2.5 million cases have been detected in the past seven days.

The number of new daily infections has more than doubled since mid-February. After the second wave from October to January, this figure had then dropped to just over 350,000 per day. It is currently 821,000 per day.

This acceleration is mainly due to the explosion of contaminations in India [18,762,976 cases], a health crisis which may have its origin in the Indian variant of the coronavirus, but also in certain behaviors such as non-compliance with health restrictions, as underlined Thursday by the World Health Organization.

The figure of 2.5 million cases recorded in one week in India, or 357,000 per day, is more than 30 times higher than infections found in mid-February when about 11,000 new infections were detected daily in the country.

The most affected countries in overall cases include the United States [32,288,764 cases], India [18,762,976 cases], and Brazil [14,590,678 cases].

In terms of per capita infections, the most affected countries are Montenegro [15,457 cases per 100,000 inhabitants], the Czech Republic [15,207] and Slovenia [11,513].