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Al-Saud Style of ‘Honoring’: Kidnapping Lebanese Composer Samir Sfeir... His Fate is Still Unknown 

Al-Saud Style of ‘Honoring’: Kidnapping Lebanese Composer Samir Sfeir... His Fate is Still Unknown 
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By Al-Ahed   

Where is the Lebanese composer Samir Sfeir? A question is being widely asked today, following the news of his disappearance in Saudi Arabia. Because he is not only a composer, but also a political activist close to the Lebanese Presidency and known for his clear positions, it is not considered normal to drag him into an investigation in a country that he has much criticized its policies.

Information revealed that contact with Sfeir has been cut off since 5 days. At that time, he went to the Saudi Kingdom upon an invitation from the Ministry of Information for allegedly ‘honoring’ him.

Well-known sources have revealed to “al-Ahed News” that Sfeir had arrived to Saudi Arabia with his wife, but he was soon called to a police investigation after dragging him harshly as 5 cars belonging to the State Security Service rushed to his place.

Upon his arrest, Sfeir was asked political questions and he was immediately detained. His wife returned to Lebanon and his fate is still unknown inside the Saudi kingdom.

According to informed sources, the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs contacted the Saudi embassy and is following up.

The incident remains disturbing, as Saudi Arabia has a dirty record of kidnapping and torturing among which are: slaughtering and dismembering journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey, abduction of former Lebanese PM Saad Hariri and the attempt to lure intelligence official Saad al-Jabri and other opponents.

All the above raise doubts about a bad scenario that Saudi Arabia has composed for a Lebanese composer whose words and statements don’t satisfy its rulers. Thus, questions are raised if the Al Sauds preferred to welcome Sfeir on their own way!